Adam Jablin Went Through The Trials And Tribulations Of Addiction To Be Able To Help People Overcome Their Own Addictions

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2021 / Covid-19 has been a hard hit for all of us. It has taken a major emotional toll on many people as we have been distanced from our loved ones and those who help keep us strong. Adam Jablin has been helping people through these difficult times. He is offering support via his program Hero 7.

“I started The Hero 7 about two months ago, and it’s been amazing. We have had over 4,000 people! My biggest motivation was watching what Covid did to us all. I’ve been on the news an average of four times a week, even being called the Covid-Coach (which I am not!) So many people are struggling and looking for a way out of their funk. The motivation came from four places. One, I saw so many people suffering that needed it, especially nowadays. So, it felt like a sense of duty. Like I was fulfilling my destiny, a pact with God that I would do my part while on this planet. Second is, I love what I do! It’s a pleasure. Third is, in creating THE HERO PROJECT, I am paying a debt back to Dion & Superman– my two larger than life role models. Fourth is, everytime I help a person, I selfishly feel like I am doing my part in God’s world,” Adam explains.

Hero 7, though a relatively new idea from Adam, has taken off. This is because of the simplicity of its platform makes it easily accessible for all users. You can interact with others via videos that help motivate you and even talk to Adam himself!

“The Hero 7 is my free online course. It’s simple! You download a free app called Workplace where you get your own personal account that is just like Facebook. There you will receive one video each day, building on the last. It’s also a form where you can speak one on one with me personally, or share with the other Heroes! I’m going to try to put it on Facebook!” Adam exclaims.

A long time addict, Adam has now been sober for nearly two decades. He wants to help you on your path to overcome any kind of emotional baggage that may be holding you back and tying you to your addiction. Even more so, he wants you to build the life you have always dreamed of after overcoming these obstacles. This is what makes him such an excellent teacher and mentor on Hero 7.

“I have all my accredited Life & Recovery Coaching Certifications and Mentorship Degrees. I fell in love with education. But, my skills and experience were fine tuned by all my hardwork through my own personal trials and tribulations. My recovery. My entrepreneurship journey. My weight battles. My taking a leap of faith. Who do you want to learn to climb the Himalayas Mountains by the person who wrote the book or the person who climbed the mountain? I figured, be BOTH!” Adam remarks.

Adam has an incredible passion for teaching and helping others. He really puts others before himself to try and help them on their road to recovery. He loves seeing them achieve their goals.

“When I see the lights come on in my client’s eyes. When I see the spirit awaken the same way Dion helped awake mine! Also, I teamed up with the one, the only Dr. Robb Kelly! He has been a guiding force and a north star for me professionally. And for me to learn from a legend like that means so much. We all have HEROES and he’s one of mine for sure,” Adam states.

This year, Adam has many amazing plans up his sleeve. He is excited to share them with the world.

“Well, I am being booked on some really big and exciting talk shows and podcasts as we speak. What an honor. I am starting THE HERO 30 DAY CHALLENGE on Facebook soon. I am growing THE HERO PROJECT and now teaching coaches under me, or dare I say HEROES! So, essentially I am building my own Justice League/Avengers type family where we want to save lives. I am also writing a book with my mentor called “CONVERSATIONS WITH DION” The premise is to bring the world into our conversations, into our lives and allow them to learn from the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer as I have. Dion has a special way about him that I try to emulate. Honestly, the attention is wonderful because it’s helping people. I don’t want to be the ADAM-SHOW. I want to try to be like Superman and help people,” Adam says.

To find out more about Adam, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.


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