Ana Dee: An Entrepreneur’s Bold and Empowered Journey

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 15, 2021 / After dropping out of school and becoming a professional exotic dancer at only 18 years old, Ana Dee had no idea she would be reaching her first million running a business in her garage. Little did she know that she would be living her dream life in just a few years after she took a leap of faith and ventured into the world of entrepreneurs. Today, she unveils the power of fashion in empowering people to embrace themselves through her clothing line Alien Outfitters.

Ana Dee is a 27-year-old serial entrepreneur living in a small town in North Carolina. She is the founder and owner of a rising Etsy store, Alien Outfitters, and another company focusing on tobacco and CBD products. But before attaining her success in the business world, life put her through several challenges which molded her into the strong, empowered, and the bold woman she is today.

At 18 years old, she worked as an exotic dancer after she decided to drop out of school. Being the clever girl that she is, Ana Dee quickly learned the art of marketing and sales. From this, she found her passion for entrepreneurship and opened her first brand-an Etsy store called Alien Outfitters designed to become an avenue where young women could embrace their individuality and empower themselves through fashion, clothes, and accessories. At 21, she reached her first-ever million running the whole show out of her garage. Determined to grow her brand even more, she bought her first house by the beach at 24 and used the second floor for her business.

Simultaneously, she was growing her brand through YouTube and podcast, sharing her entrepreneurial story, and guiding younger women on how to work from home. Eventually, she opened her third business, which focuses on selling tobacco and CBD products.

After joining the famous platform TikTok, Ana Dee became viral after she joined a challenge, which led her to reveal how she sold weird things on the internet and her genius marketing techniques behind it. People were in awe and inspired after finding out that the dancer-turned-CEO’s brands have grown into the empire it is today.

Ana Dee is most excited about the release of new fashion pieces for Alien Outfitters. She prides herself in creating an outlet where young people not only shop for clothes that help them express their true selves but also find a community that empowers their authentic side. The rising entrepreneur is also thrilled to unveil more stylish designs for Blades for Babes, curated for all bold, sexy, and empowered women ready to take on anything in life.

At present, Ana Dee continues to chase after her ambitions in life. In the process of doing so, she happily lifts others along the way as she moves towards greater success.

To know more about Ana Dee and her empowering businesses, please check out her website.

Country: USA
Company: Alien Outfitters
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