Annet Libeau Discusses How Women Can Benefit from Supporting Woman-Owned Businesses

Annet Libeau recently discussed how women can benefit from supporting women-owned businesses.

BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2021 / Support women-owned businesses, and you support all women. Investing your dollars in products and services from women-owned companies means you’re investing in gender equality, more vibrant local communities, female empowerment, and the economy overall. President and CEO of Sun Day Consulting, Annet Libeau, recently discussed just how much you’re benefiting women when you shop woman-owned.

Annet Libeau explained that there is roughly 11.6 million business in the United States that are owned by women. These nearly 12 million businesses employ roughly 9 million individuals and generate trillions in revenue. Woman-owned businesses have a major impact on business and economic growth, and your support of them supports the economy.

“Woman-owned businesses in the United States have grown a massive 114 percent in the past 20 years,” Annet Libeau said. “That’s compared to an overall national business growth rate of just 44 percent for the same number of years.”

Annet Libeau explained that female entrepreneurs typically face far more challenges than male entrepreneurs. They have a drastically more difficult time accessing capital through investors and loan providers. Annet Libeau added that supporting women-owned businesses shows that these businesses can be extremely profitable and can result in more investments and loan opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

“Supporting women-owned businesses helps them succeed, and that success further encourages young women to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship,” Annet Libeau said.

Annet Libeau explained that the more recognition women-owned businesses receive, the more likely other women are to pursue their own business endeavors. More women-owned businesses mean more job creation and more opportunities for our country’s economy to succeed.

“Women are the core of this country and are owners of some of the most profitable, efficient, and creative businesses in the U.S.,” Annet Libeau said. “Women have the ability to juggle numerous tasks at once, but we need support in doing so. Supporting one another is key to our success as a whole.”

Annet Libeau finished by stating that a larger number of women-owned businesses in the country means a larger network of women. She stated that creating a network of female entrepreneurs and investors will help solve the issue of male entrepreneurs receiving more funding opportunities than women.

“Women spend so much money a daily basis, and if we can focus that spending toward women-owned businesses, we can make a major difference in the way our society and economy function,” Annet Libeau said. “Being more aware of where our money goes is one simple way to make a major impact on the lives of women and girls across the country and around the globe.”

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