AnyTask Brings Flexible Freelancers to Fast-Growing Companies in 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2021 / Their efficient platform empowers founders to hire affordable expertise from an often-overlooked part of the freelancer community: the millions of unbanked people across the developing world.

The most fruitful relationships between founders and freelancers are built around 3 main pillars: expertise, affordability, and flexibility.

Currently, there’s over 65 million freelancers in the US alone, set to rise to 90 million by 2028.

Things aren’t as easy in other countries, yet many platforms still assume that most freelancers worldwide live within equally developed financial infrastructures with access to the same kinds of resources.

The reality is completely different, but despite this, AnyTask has already showed 15,000+ freelancers the future of freelancing – and it’s just as flexible as the services they offer.

A more inclusive way to pay?

The pandemic has provided ample time for reskilling and preparing for new opportunities, but what’s keeping many jobless, especially in developing economies, is a problem that AnyTask felt should be irrelevant by now: not having a bank account.

Until AnyTask launched in 2019, it was almost impossible to join a freelance platform without connecting a bank account, paying massive fees (up to 20% per sale), and waiting up to 2 weeks for payment.

Considering rent and bills don’t disappear during a pandemic, their solution has come as a massive relief.

To power a platform that’s been joined by over 600,000 users from every continent, they use a cryptocurrency called Electroneum, which is straightforward to earn and convenient to spend.

When an entrepreneur finds their match on AnyTask, they can pay by debit or credit card, like anywhere else, with just a minimal charge on top.

For freelancers though, it’s a whole new world. There’s no fees to access earnings. Funds are available quickly. Most impressively, AnyTask has successfully built a global network of vendors where the cryptocurrency can be spent. All anyone needs to get started is an internet-connected smartphone.

Flexible expertise at first-time founder-friendly prices

It’s huge that efficiently outsourcing tasks for just a few dollars has finally become a reality.

Entrepreneurs never stop innovating, but during unprecedented times, they’re having to stretch their budgets more than ever to bring their ideas to life. Now, through a choice of 30,000+ tasks, there’s a lot they may never need to worry about again, including:

  • Logo design and animation

  • Illustration creation

  • Photo editing

  • Social media header design

  • Article & blog writing

Platforms like AnyTask are a true step towards an accessible, inclusive digital economy, and with over half a million users, it seems the world’s definitely taking notice.

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