ARCHOS & Simplex Democratize Access to Crypto/Fiat Onramps and Banking Through Mobile Solutions

PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / Global industry leader, Simplex, has partnered with ARCHOS, the pioneer in consumer electronics to further democratize access to crypto for all. Simplex revolutionizes the fiat/crypto space by creating a secure and user-friendly way for its partner network to enable all of their users to seamlessly buy and sell digital assets.

Constantly innovating the electronics market, ARCHOS manufacturers a wide range of devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and hardware wallets. This Simplex-ARCHOS integration will allow all users of ARCHOS tablets to purchase cryptocurrency through Simplex, with the touch of a button. A Simplex button will be preloaded on all ARCHOS mobile devices, enabling consumers to easily purchase crypto with a credit or debit card, as well as via bank transfer. This enables ARCHOS users throughout the world to easily capitalize on market growths and trends.

This partnership comes at a time when millions of people are looking for ways to onramp and connect to the world of digital finance. With the crypto market continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Simplex and ARCHOS are enabling mass-market accessibility to the ecosystem with simple, swift, and secure onramps via a range of ARCHOS’ most sought after electronic devices.

An EU licensed financial institution and Principal Member of the Visa network, Simplex prides itself on providing seamless and risk-free on/off ramp solutions to anyone, anywhere via its vast network of leading partners that include digital asset exchanges, wallets, and brokers. With a mission to democratize access to crypto for every user worldwide, Simplex’s new Banking solution simplifies the buying and selling of crypto assets and helps users easily capitalize on market trends swiftly, to purchase how and when they want.

A consumer electronics manufacturer with 25 years of experience, ARCHOS is a pioneer in the Android OS space, having manufactured the first ever Android Tablets. The French brand has repeatedly revolutionized the market for consumer electronics since its inception, and now provides a complete range of innovative smartphones and tablets, as well as a branch of Connected Objects.

Alongside the launch of their partnership, ARCHOS and Simplex are offering a unique promotion on ARCHOS’ state-of-the-art hardware crypto-wallets which will be available to Simplex users on the ARCHOS webstore via a unique promo code.

ARCHOS Safe-T touch at 49€: the first cold wallet with touch screen

ARCHOS SafeT touch consists in a hardware wallet with state of the art security by design:

  • A secure element, tamper-resistant, to store private keys in a safe digital vault.
  • A secure transaction-specific execution area, running a certified EAL7 secure operating system, developed in partnership with Prove & Run, a leading company in cybersecurity for connected devices and embedded systems.
  • A Trusted User Interface and a Trusted Indicator are automatically activated right at the triggering of sensitive actions, for a superior protection.
  • A secure Bluetooth Low Energy stack inside the secure operating system, its activation for synchronization being notified to the user by the navigation button blinking in blue.
  • A mandatory 6 digits PIN code (the ARCHOS Safetouch locks out after 4 wrong passwords attempts.)
  • A fingerprint reader that locks / unlocks the hardware wallet exclusively by its owner.

Fully touch screen, the Safe-T Touch will provide a complete ecosystem enabling a full range of services: initiate and receive transactions, check balances and currencies’ evolutions and also exchange crypto-assets.

In case the ARCHOS SafeT touch is broken, lost or stolen, the holder benefits from a back-up thanks to the recovery seed of 24 words.

ARCHOS Safe-T mini at 15€: designed & assembled in France

The ARCHOS Safe-T mini is the first development of the ARCHOS R&D team in this field. The team provided its expertise in securing cold storage data, and in designing and developing the ARCHOS Safe-T mini. To ensure the process traceability, the device is manufactured in France.

ARCHOS Safe-T Mini main security specifications:

  • It generates and stores a private key on the wallet offline and prevents hackers from gaining access to the private key while online
  • It executes all crypto operations on the device, offline.
  • It features a screen to display transaction information to let the holder check the transaction details before signing, for security. There is no way for hackers to modify unnoticed transactions.
  • It restrictively requires manufacturer software on the device while requesting the set-up of a PIN code to ensure that only the owner can access and use it.

About Simplex

Simplex has been changing the status quo of crypto on/off ramps since 2014. As the market leader, we pioneered the first riskless global fiat onramp using a credit and debit card, which promises a zero chargeback guarantee. Simplex Banking offers the Simplex fraudless payment processing, with global payment accessibility. Working alongside the biggest names in the crypto ecosystem, including Binance, Huobi, Bitpay, among hundreds of others, Simplex provides the complete fiat infrastructure for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, enabling easy on/offramps on leading mobile solutions. As a licensed EU financial institution, Simplex was selected as one of the 10 most impactful companies in blockchain in 2020. Put simply, Simplex is making crypto accessible to all, turning the complex into the Simplex. Keep up with the latest Simplex news by following us on Twitter or visiting


ARCHOS, a pioneer in consumer electronics, has constantly revolutionized this market. The French brand has been the first to offer a hard disk MP3 player in 2000, a multimedia player in 2003, Google Android ™ tablets in 2009, an ecosystem for the smart home from 2014 and PicoWAN, the 1st collaborative network dedicated to connected objects, in 2016. Today, ARCHOS designs and democratizes solutions with high innovation value worldwide: mobile solutions, artificial intelligence and blockchains. With a head office in France and offices Asia, ARCHOS is listed on Euronext Growth Paris, ISIN Code: FR0000182479

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