Atlantic Wind & Solar Completes Formation of KBI’s New Sustainable Divisions

Formation of new divisions to meet the ever-expanding demand for Next Generation Infrastructure Needs

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (OTC PINK:AWSL) is pleased to announce that its, wholly owned subsidiary K.B. Industries, Inc (KBI) announced the formation of its new Sustainable Divisions to meet the ever-growing demand internationally for greater use and beneficial application of the waste generated by the worlds ever expanding population.

With 19 years of successfully developing KBI and marketing its highly used KBI Flexi®-Pave to replace the use of concrete in parking lots, roads, pavement, and footpaths, while at the same time, helping to reduce the ever-growing mountains of used car and truck tires that continue to be destructive to the environment.

This will enable decision makers to have a clear understanding of the connections of such technologies in “Next Generation Infrastructure™”

The divisions will provide an educational platform, and distinctive understanding as to the correlation between all the divisions as follows:


Converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as well as biomass agricultural, yard, food, and even raw sewage waste to produce Pellets. A commodity that

can be used economically and profitably for Fertilizer, Animal Feed, Fuel or Electricity using Zero Emission Waste to Electricity (ZEW2E) technology.


Converting high quality fiber and wire free recycled tire granule into proven sustainable infrastructure solutions in the Construction, and Storm Water Management Industries, including.

KBI Flexi-Pave for Flexible Porous Paving, KBI Flexi-Twall for Erosion and Noise Abatement Control, KBI Flexi-Drain for Shallow Drainage options.


Development of KBI Tire Recycling Plants. Designed to convert used car, truck, and Off the Road (OTR) tires into high quality fiber and wire free recycled tire granule. This valuable commodity is used for KBI`s Scrap Tire Construction Products for infrastructure projects internationally plus the ever-expanding demand for granule used as a component / additive by road and highway contractors.


KBI is “partnering” with a patented technology designed specifically to help clean natural water bodies, with a zero-carbon footprint. Ridding water bodies of the harmful Algae Bloom. The process is totally sustainable and naturally powered. Protecting our most valuable resource “Water”!


Identifying large volumetric Passive and Active air purification for urbanized air contamination and industry. Including sustainable technology for indoor and ambient conditions.


Resolving the challenges, in non-Asphalt Road construction and repair, dust control and avoidance of erosion. Utilizing sustainable soil stabilization technology achieved by advanced cross-linking polymer breakthroughs.

KBI recognizes that the market is ready for the addition of these new divisions and technologies.

KBI is now able to meet the demands of professionals internationally as they strive to stay ahead of tomorrow’s environmental needs through these beneficial technologies.

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