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BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 16, 2021 / For many people worldwide, life is a conundrum in which they are regularly faced with difficult problems and questions that they need to solve. Avid Advice is dedicated to helping people reach unbelievable heights and achieve success. Launched by celebrity medium and world-renowned psychic detective, Fia Johansson, Avid Advice is the one-stop-shop and community for people who need clarity and expert advice on how to go about issues in their lives.

By working with some of the most experienced advisors, Avid Advice has helped tens of thousands of people find clarity to their personal questions and achieve the best results in their lives. The brand is not all about helping people become successful; it embodies everything about Fia Johansson, known as “Persian Medium,” and has excelled in different careers, which include best-selling author, film producer, licensed investigator, executive coach, and psychic detective with law enforcement.

Avid Advice is the exclusive home to Fia, whose success has been represented at some of the world’s biggest events, publications, and stages. She’s been featured in publications like Wall Street Journal and Forbes and on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox News channels, which has allowed Avid Advice to be cemented as the authority when it comes to expert and effective guidance that one can’t find anywhere else. The Avid Advice platform is where clients can gain from the expertise and wealth of knowledge that the experts have in their arsenal.

The company is owned by a Master’s degree holder in psychology who has years of experience working with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, foreign dignitaries, lawyers, doctors, high-ranking executives, and US government officials. She wields a significant influence on how the company operates and is also a psychic detective who has worked with law enforcement in finding missing people. Avid Advice is one of the few guidance platforms that offer impeccable guidance and advice service 24/7.

Describing the expert services that Avid Advice offers, Fia Johansson says, “We all experience challenges in life. Getting fresh advice and new perspective may provide some clue to set us on our way to greatness or accomplish our desires.” Avid Advice provides the extra push, insight, and advice to lead its clients to their life goals. Not only does the community provide clients their personal pathways to success and purpose, but it also targets anyone looking to become stronger, more capable, and confident in themselves. Top level executives call to learn how to make the best strategic move for their business. Lawyers seek clarity and guidance. Celebrities look for answers that help them uncover roadblocks in their careers. And people of all walks of life look for insight to their deepest, burning questions that close friends and family cannot understand or help with. More than 27,000 people have enjoyed Fia Johansson’s expertise on Avid Advice and have also benefited from the “No question or challenge is too small or big” mantra. Avid Advice helps unblock negative thoughts, behaviors, or patterns that keep people from achieving success in their lives depending on their definition of success.

One distinctive feature that sets Avid Advice apart is how it hosts celebrity psychics, masterminds, mediums, and intuitive advisors to attract and cater to VIP clientele. Since it was established, the company has helped thousands of people and has accomplished the goals that inspired its establishment in the first place. With the platform’s current traction, the founder, Fia Johansson, believes that it will become the first-choice platform for international clients seeking spiritual, wellness, and self-improvement advice. It also makes getting life-improving advice virtually, which supports the current situation in the world.

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