Aviso Retention to Host Equity Solution Webinar on Best Practices for Engaging Underserved Students

To help underserved students succeed, Aviso Retention will donate a portion of tuition funding to 18 higher education institutions who register and attend the webinar

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HigherEducationAviso Retention, a higher education equity solution that focuses on helping colleges and universities keep students engaged, optimize student success and increase retention, today announces its upcoming webinar entitled,”An Equity Solution: Proactive and Personalized Student Support.” The webinar will be led by Melinda Karp, Founder, Phase Two Advisory on Wednesday, February 24 at 2PM ET will provide insight into the First In The World (FITW) five-year research project, focusing on best practices for at-risk students in higher education and the use of technology-enabled success coaching to improve student success metrics including retention, persistence and completion – to help close the equity gap.

In November 2020, Aviso Retention partnered with DVP-PRAXIS LTD, JFF, and the Carolina Works consortium led by Central Carolina Community College to publish the results of the group’s FITW research study, highlighting the positive effects of success coaching in higher education. One of the major findings from the study was that Black students who were assigned a success coach were 18% more likely to remain enrolled for two academic years (fall to second spring term). The Aviso Retention team is aligning their ongoing efforts around promoting equity and student success with this impressive metric by donating a portion of tuition funding to 18 higher education institutions that register for and attend the webinar. Aviso Retention is driven to emphasize the importance of student equity, increased social mobility, and creating positive outcomes for all of society.

“As a higher education equity solution, we stand by one mission: serving the underserved,” said Alexander Leader, Founder and CEO of Aviso Retention. “The First In The World research findings showed us that students — especially those within community colleges — benefit greatly from technology-enabled proactive and personalized support. As we navigate another year of change, we want to ensure that, amidst the challenges and obstacles students face, completing their education journey is not one of them.”

The webinar, moderated by Dr. Melinda Karp, Founder of Phase Two Advisory, will feature leaders with the First In The World research study, including:

  • Heather Taynor, VP of Student Success, Aviso Retention
  • Dr. Sarah Deal, Lead Consultant, DVP-PRAXIS LTD
  • Dr. Jessa Valentine, Managing Director, DVP-PRAXIS LTD
  • Dr. Derek Price, Principal and Founder, DVP-PRAXIS LTD
  • Dr. Jae Archer, Success Coach, Randolph Community College
  • Jairo McMican, Dean of Student Learning at Central Carolina Community College and the Director of Equity and Pathways at the North Carolina Community College System Office
  • Dr. Brian Merritt, First In The World Principal Investigator, President of McDowell Technical Community College and former Chief Academic Officer at Central Carolina Community College

During the webinar, the speakers will discuss proactive and personalized student support, the process for evidence-based research, the value of technology to inform, success coaching models, and results from the First In The World research study.

To register for the webinar, visit https://www.avisoretention.com/an-equity-solution-proactive-and-personalized-student-support-registration.

About Aviso Retention

Founded in 2012, Aviso Retention is an AI student success software and equity solution that helps underserved colleges and universities keep at-risk students engaged, increase retention, and optimize the chances of degree and certificate completion. Aviso does this in a holistic way, by combining proven coaching methodologies with supportive software tools and predictive analytics.


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