Belkin Boosts Security and Streamlines Work Environment with Next-generation Protection Profile 4.0 Compliant Secure KVM Portfolio

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Belkin International today announces an entirely new portfolio of Secure KVMs designed for National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profile 4.0 compliance. Belkin’s portfolio consists of the Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVMs as well as the Modular Series of Secure KVMs. Combined, the two platforms give government agencies an unprecedented level of flexibility in designing their environments and equipping employees with the exact value and functionality needed for the mission.

Secure KVMs maintain air-gap network isolation while improving an operator’s efficiency and effectiveness in working across secure and non-secure systems at the desktop. Secure KVMs serve a vital role in preventing east-west cyber-attacks in government, military, finance, healthcare, and other critical infrastructure applications.

Elevating the User Experience and Awareness

Government employees working on top-secret networks are under immense pressure to adhere to strict security protocols. The secure environments that utilize KVMs are packed with multiple mission-critical systems, rendering desk space a premium. Further, employees working in these high-pressure environments juggle multiple priorities – and require equipment and tools that help reduce the risk of human error. Belkin’s Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVMs and the Modular Series of Secure KVMs address these challenges in unique ways:

  • Decluttering the workspace: The Belkin Modular Series Secure KVM is only slightly larger than a modern smartphone and comes with a remote control as standard. It offers optional mounting choices that hide the KVM behind a monitor or under a desk, freeing important desk space without sacrificing control and awareness. Purpose-built, integrated cables are also designed to mitigate installation, maintenance, and operation challenges caused by cable bulk.
  • Boosting awareness and reducing risk: The Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVM is compatible with the unique Belkin KVM Remote with Integrated USB Keyboard. The combination ushers in a new era of operator awareness when working across security enclaves by synchronizing the enclave’s color-coding with the backlit illumination in the keyboard. The integrated KVM remote and color-coded functionality allow the Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVM to be mounted away from the operator without any loss of functionality, while providing enhanced user awareness.

Future-proof Technology

The Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVMs and Modular Series of Secure KVMs are engineered to provide:

  • Universal video compatibility: Belkin’s Universal 2nd Generation Secure KVM functions with any input/output (HDMI, DVI, DP, USB-C). It offers cutting-edge video performance for seamless integration with modern GPUs and monitors – eliminating the need for external converters, reducing costs, and minimizing technical challenges. The Modular Series of Secure KVMs utilizes purpose-built cables that seamlessly manage disparate video inputs and outputs independently across every channel.
  • Flexible, evolving technology: Belkin’s new portfolio of Secure KVMs extends product lifecycles with the innate flexibility to adapt to the specific I/Os of connected systems across multiple refresh cycles.

Continuous, US-based Innovation

Since introducing the first secure KVMs for government and military applications in 2006, Belkin has helped to shape and drive the NIAP and Common Criteria standards and is committed to innovation with manufacturing, engineering, and support based in the US.

The Belkin strategy is to provide the best user experience possible by engineering products that meet and exceed NIAP standards,” says John Minasyan, Director of Product Management, Cybersecurity Business Unit, Belkin. “The 4.0 product portfolio sets Belkin apart from others in the Secure KVM space, our focus on product design is elevating user and administrator experiences, ensuring that Secure KVMs are easier to install, use, and maintain.”

Belkin’s Secure KVM Switching solutions are currently in evaluation for Common Criteria and NIAP Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices version 4.0. For more information about the Belkin NIAP Protection Profile PSD 4.0 Secure KVM Portfolio, visit our product page.

About Belkin Cybersecurity and KVM

Belkin delivers the necessary components for workstation security, as well as every essential accessory and peripheral device to provide a complete, efficient, productive workstation that meets the demands of government and military use. For more information, visit:


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