Beurena Johnson, Hair Loss Expert and Certified Trichologist, Uncovers The Root Cause Of Hair Loss By Teaching Beauty Professionals Trichology, One State At a Time

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / Hair loss is a sensitive topic for many people and can be challenging to overcome. Hair loss expert and certified trichologist, Beurena Johnson, very much understands the depth of the issue as she works to heal women from hair loss inside of her hair loss clinic, Beyond The Follicle and her most recent labor of love, a hair loss program The Interactive Academy of Trichology. The first school of its kind in Georgia, designed for beauty professionals who have a desire to service clients with significant hair loss issues.

Johnson defines trichology as the science behind hair loss. “Tricho means hair and ology means the study of,” she explains, “As a certified trichologist we are on a fact and discovery mission.’We ask specific questions, collect information, and perform testing. Once the tests are completed, we formulate a treatment plan based on our findings. Hair loss is not a one size fits all approach. As trichologists, we can evaluate five hair loss clients in a day and none of them will receive the same treatment therapies.”

The Expert reveals that her fascination with trichology began when she witnessed her sister, Ramona losing all of her hair due to breast cancer treatments, “At that time, I didn’t know anything about hair loss or trichology, Johnson shares, ” I saw her buying wig after wig, none of them ever fitting properly, and that devastated me. My sister passed away from the disease. That experience propelled my desire to educate and shift the perspective of those suffering with hair loss. I’ve been committed to helping people with hair loss since her passing. Every time I am able to restore someone’s hair, I feel like I’m helping my sister.”

Johnson doesn’t only help people with hair loss but also teaches and transfers this skill-set to her peers in the industry. The Hair Loss Expert aims to have a community of students all over the US and in different countries who are able to help individuals that suffer with hair loss, “There is not a day that I’m not contacted by someone asking for help or asking if I know anyone in their community who could help them with hair loss. When I started in trichology, I didn’t have a pool of professionals that I could pull from. I want to change that narrative so that everyone can have access to a trichologist, no matter where they reside ,” Johnson states.

Johnson’s hair loss program consists of two cohorts – a 13-month accelerated program , and an 18-month program. Johnson offers an accelerated program that can be completed in 12-months. Students can easily switch to the 18-month program if the 13 month program becomes too challenging.

In the program, Johnson provides a 30-module core curriculum, four face-to-face CDC-approved clinical curriculums, and access upon graduation to all of her tools, resources, private power circle support group, and any future updates to the courses.

Though COVID has slightly affected the way the program operates, with the program being conducted partially online, Johnson states maintaining the integrity of the program and assuring that her students retain and understand the information is my top priority We have protocols in place that ensure each student can articulate what they are learning. Not to mention, Johnson also ensures that her students stay on top of the most current nanotechnology trends for hair growth. This fact is the reason Johnson has added stem cell therapy to the curriculum..

Johnson currently has a power circle of six on her team inside of the program. Her team members consist of people from various backgrounds, that have experience and training in finance, and the health and wellness arena. Johnson plans to expand the team to meet the growing need of enrollment. Johnson stated that her ultimate goal is to ensure that all of her team members share her passion for serving others.

What sets Johnson’s program apart is the fact that her program goes beyond trichology and acts as an incubator to teach the students how to expand their businesses. In addition, to trichology, she provides training on insurance reimbursement, marketing, working capital and business funding. “Once the students are enrolled in the program, Johnson renders her step-by-step implementation blueprint,” Johnson states, “I share all the expert guidance and insight I wish someone would have told me when I was struggling to connect the dots in my business.”

Johnson wants to ensure her students are implementing their knowledge with integrity, performance, nurture, honesty, success, and tenacity, “People are very vulnerable when it comes to hair loss. I want these groups of students to be able to deal with their clients with consideration and thoughtfulness.”

One piece of advice that Johnson would like to impart to people who are dealing with hair loss in any form is, “Don’t ignore it. A lot of people don’t really pay enough attention to their hair loss when it occurs and as a result, they often wait until it is too advanced to seek help, which makes having a full recovery difficult” Johnson says, “Don’t wait. Seek help immediately as it could signify a bigger problem.”

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