Bring Out That Fire Inside You With The Help of Houston’s LIP Queen Heidi Aghajani

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2021 / Even though it seems counter-intuitive to have anything good to say about a global pandemic, there was still some good that came out of it. For Houston’s own “LIP Queen,” Heidi Aghajani is surprised at how the aesthetic world is booming during these uncertain times, and she’s eternally grateful.

Heidi has been a Registered Nurse for 16 years, an aesthetic nurse for nine, and just last year in February, she opened up her own business called Alchemy Med Spa in Houston, Texas. “I started my business in February of last year after years of wanting to do something on my own. I’m from a Persian family, and we’re very into aesthetics, so I feel like I was born to do this,” says Heidi.

Although starting her own business was always in the cards for her, Heidi struggled to find her place in this new world. “I always knew I wanted to own a practice. It was hard finding a like-minded medical director who focuses on everyone having equal access to top-notch aesthetics and products. Once I found that person, we took off from there. We decided from the start that we wanted to be a high-volume studio, we didn’t believe we had to be a high-price studio, so more people can afford to do this,” explains Heidi.

Heidi provides the standard Med Spa services like Botox, Lip Fills, PDO Smooth and Lifting Threads, Jaw Line, Nose and Cheek Augmentation, Smile Lines, Under Eye, Kybella, Aquagold, and Microneedling with PRP. But she also provides an insanely popular service that very few Med Spas offer. She calls them mini fills. “A mini fill is a half syringe, so instead of someone getting a full syringe of filler in their lips, we’ve provided one of Houston’s first opportunities for someone to try it with half a syringe, and it just took off!”

It’s not her services that make her unique; it’s how she provides the services that make her stand out from other Med Spas and medical aestheticians. “I think what separates us is that we give each client enough time to talk about their individual needs and end goals, and we make sure each client gets ample face-to-face time with us. At the end of the day, I want the client to be happy, and it needs to always be about them. Since that’s our focus, that’s truly what separates us the most.”

So what’s in store for Heidi and Alchemy Med Spa? Heidi says, “In April, we’re expanding. We’re moving to a much bigger location and bringing on more people, including a laser tech and a well-known aesthetician in Houston. So we’re pretty excited about that.”

As you can tell, business for Heidi and other Med Spas has been awkwardly good during this pandemic, and she has a few thoughts on why. “I think it’s because we, as a society now, can’t get away from our own reflections. We have Zoom meetings, Facetime with family and friends, and we’re stuck at home, so we have more time to work on ourselves. We’ve been able to stop rushing around and truly see ourselves, so we’re forced to face the reality that we’re aging and looking older. Also, getting botox is not like refinancing your home. A small amount can go a long way to help make us feel so much better about ourselves.”

Heidi and the team at Alchemy Med Spa want you to know that everybody is beautiful in their own way, so don’t feel like you have to change anything about yourself. But, if there is something you want to work on, life’s too short not to be happy with how you look!

Heidi’s favorite part of running her business is seeing people leave with newfound confidence. “The people who walk into the studio are not always the same who walk out. There’s always a pep in their step. Whatever you want to do on the outside to bring out that fire on the inside is what you should do.”

If you’re looking for affordable services and you’re in the Houston area, visit Houston’s LIP Queen! Heidi would love to help you look and feel your best! Book your appointment at

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