CadmiumCD Launches New Matchmaking and Networking Capabilities that Facilitate Personalized Attendee Experiences

eventScribe Live Improves Conference Education, Networking, and Exhibitor ROI Through an Algorithm-Driven Matching System Based on Attendee Preferences

FOREST HILL, Md., Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Event software company, CadmiumCD, today announced expanded matchmaking and networking capabilities on the eventScribe Live platform for hybrid and virtual events. The new capabilities deliver personalized experiences to attendees and create more opportunities for 1-to-1 engagement through text and video chats.

“We are thrilled to deliver these personalized experiences to attendees on eventScribe Live,” says CadmiumCD Co-Founder and President, Michelle Wyatt. “The industry is desperately in need of solutions to keep attendees engaged with online content, networking, and exhibitors. Our platform now accomplishes that and does it in a way that feels like a true event experience.”

The following features encompass the matchmaking and networking capabilities newly launched on eventScribe Live:

  1. “My Experience” Page — The My Experience page is a personalized dashboard where attendees can view content and product recommendations, connect with peers, and access their saved sessions and content.
  2. Exhibitor Matchmaking — Attendees can enter their interests during account creation to get recommendations with a percentage based match to find the most relevant products and booths. Exhibitors also have the ability to send meeting invitations to relevant matches.
  3. Education Matchmaking — Educational tracks that meeting planners add to the schedule are also available for attendees to choose for personalized percentage based match recommendations.
  4. Networking Preferences — Attendees can also choose if they want to share their profiles and select opportunities they’re seeking to receive matches to peers, colleagues, and other persons of interest.
  5. Peer-to-Peer Networking — A major benefit of networking on eventScribe Live includes peer-to-peer video chats and text-based discussions where attendees can share knowledge, schedule meetings, and say hello.

These features enhance the networking experience that already existed on the eventScribe Live platform for virtual and hybrid events. This includes group video chats, audience response live stream discussions and Q&A with upvoting, in-app activity feeds, custom agenda items and appointments, and more.

An added benefit is that the exhibitor portion of eventScribe Live’s capabilities is compliant with many data regulations such as GDPR since attendees have to explicitly opt-in to the experience and can control their sharing preferences at any time. Exhibitors can access data on booth visitors, leads, and meeting invite respondents and export the compliant data at any time. Exhibitors can also access how many times an attendee has visited their virtual booth or interacted with their content.

Amy Wilkinson, SLAS’ Director of Global Events, says these new tools make virtual events an easier sell for all of her stakeholders. “The point of gathering is to meet people, so we asked ourselves how we can foster this connection in the virtual environment,” says Wilkinson. “We now have an answer to that question with the new matchmaking and networking features on eventScribe Live. The personalized recommendations make it easier for attendees to navigate the virtual environment, and exhibitors now have the tools they need to proactively reach out to prospective customers.”

These matchmaking and networking features are now available for all eventScribe Live clients. To learn more about pricing or to get started today, visit

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