Camio Partners With Convergint Technologies to Provide Real-Time Video Search

Automatic tailgating, social distancing, and mask detection among AI-driven solutions for multi-campus security

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Camio, the real-time video search engine, today announced a partnership with Convergint Technologies, a global leader in service-based systems integration. The partnership makes Camio’s accurate, economical and remotely deployable video surveillance solutions easily accessible to Convergint customers worldwide.

Founded by former Google executives, Camio puts existing cameras to work to understand the problems that warrant human attention. Leveraging AI, machine learning and best-of-breed modern technologies, Camio turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors that track and analyze movement — without the cost and complexity of installing specialized devices. Camio’s always-learning platform expedites video review and prioritization for 50x greater efficiency via 90% fewer false positives and 5x faster search.

Tailgating, mask and social distancing detection, and SOC security solutions are added to any existing camera without additional on-premise equipment or complex integrations. Real-time alerts and interactive dashboards put power into the hands of security teams for real-time intervention.

“The inability of security cameras to differentiate between harmless motion and potential threats results in much of the $40B spent each year to protect people and property wasted,” said Camio co-founder and CEO Carter Maslan. “Camio real-time video search is a new SaaS category that radically changes security’s cost structure and effectiveness and makes proactive security economically feasible.”

“Technologies like AI are transforming physical security,” added Eric Yunag, Vice President of Technology & Innovation, Convergint Technologies. “The security industry faces enormous pressures to do more with fewer resources and transform information into intelligence for comprehensive risk management. Camio’s open platform, remote deployment and ability to rapidly bring new use cases on demand will be highly valuable to our customers.”

Camio provides real-time video search for manufacturing, logistics operations, multi-property management, healthcare, and educational institutions across 35 time zones. For more information, visit or contact us.

About Camio

Founded by former Google executives, Camio transforms any existing network camera into an intelligent and secure video monitoring platform in a matter of hours, with real-time search, automatic alerts and unlimited storage. Organizations of all sizes are putting cameras to work to understand the problems that warrant human attention for more efficient, accurate and cost-effective security solutions. Learn more at

About Convergint Technologies

Convergint Technologies is a $1 billion global, industry-leading systems integrator that designs, installs, and services electronic security, fire alarm, and life safety systems. To learn more about Convergint, visit


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