CasePacer Releases New Document Management Platform

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CasePacer, a leading provider of legal case management and mass tort software, has released a document management platform called CP Link. This easy to install application will allow CasePacer users to connect their firm’s CasePacer document storage to the native document editing applications on their computer, creating crucial time efficiency.

While most case management software requires constant uploading of documents as they are revised and updated on a user’s computer, CP Link will allow users to edit documents in their native applications (i.e. Microsoft Word or Excel) without ever having to reimport new versions into CasePacer software. Every time a document is saved, the changes are automatically saved within the firm’s CasePacer document storage.

CP Link has the additional benefit of saving all versions of the document, not just the most recent, making it advantageous for large firms who have multiple team members touching a case.

“CP Link creates a seamless bridge between our software and the document creation apps our clients use daily,” said Stephanie Stuart, Director of Customer Experience. “Streamlining our clients’ work when using our software is always a priority for us.”

CasePacer’s legal case management software is intelligent; automating workflows, simplifying document management, and using patented tickler technology to streamline tasks and continually move cases forward. CasePacer helps their clients transform their business by scaling their firm without adding headcount. For more information, or a personalized demo, visit


Kevin McDowell

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