CBD Companies Will Lose Market Share to Delta 8 THC Hemp Products in 2021

Las Vegas, Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When the mainstream thinks of marijuana, they think of a bunch of stoners sitting on their couches getting higher than Doge coin. When the mainstream thinks of CBD, they think of “benefits of hemp without the psychoactive components”. 

But what if there was something in between? Something that gave you a modest high without impairing function. What if there was a new type of THC designed for functional, high performing people and athletes? Enter, Delta 8 THC.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Most THC products are made with Delta 9 THC. This form of THC is the kind that has the classic function-impairing effects. Delta 8 THC is a different type of THC that for the past couple of decades has been too difficult to extract in commercial quantities.

What makes Delta 8 THC so valuable is that it gives a modest high without impairing function and thus is the go-to for athletes, entrepreneurs, and other high performers.

It’s important to understand that the market for delta 8 thc products is different than that of delta 9 thc products, however, there is overlap and that’s where the hemp companies will lose.

How Are Delta 8 Products Changing the Game?

The 1 thing stopping many D9 fans from transitioning to D8 was that their favorite products weren’t available in D8 form. But now, young startups like Freshbros have made a complete line up including Delta 8 TincturesDelta 8 Vape Cartspure d8 distillategummies and more.

The reality is that not many people are equipped to produce delta 8 THC, let alone turn it into a product. Delta 8 THC is rare and difficult to extract, so the companies who are making it now are the ones who have the opportunity to build their brands first.

What’s in Store For the Future Of The Hemp Industry?

We can expect that in the next couple of years, the hemp industry will appeal to a wider base of customers. High performers interested in nootropics ($2.17B) will begin to switch over and experiment with delta 8. 

And just like how when CBD was legalized many influencers attempted to build personal brands, the same is likely to happen with Delta 8. We can expect to see athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities endorsing and forming partnerships with delta 8 brands.

What Challenges Does the Delta 8 THC Industry Face?

There are 2 challenges in the way of the delta 8 industry.
The first legalization. Because Delta 8 THC is new in the commercial space, there aren’t that many regulations specific to it yet. While this has allowed the delta 8 industry to flourish, it also presents a problem for the future.

Delta 8 THC Legality

As it stands, the legality of Delta 8 largely depends on how it’s derived. If derived completely from hemp, it is considered a legal isomer of CBD according to the 2018 United States Farm Bill. The re enactment of the US Farm Bill in 2022  provides a great opportunity to develop proper infrastructure for delta 8 businesses.

The second challenge is market awareness. Most people to this day do not know that there exists a form of THC for high performance individuals. And thus breaking into the market and spreading awareness is the second biggest challenge that companies like Freshbros face.

In conclusion, we expect to see Delta 8 THC as an innovation that will redefine the CBD and hemp markets in coming years.

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