Christian Braman Dropped Out of High School To Chase His Dreams

HARTFORD, CT / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / Have you ever thought about taking the nontraditional route? Skipping college, working for yourself, traveling the world, all while making money from your phone. Your guardians probably told you that was absurd, and you needed to go to college and get a degree so you could get a job out of school. Does that sound like you? Well Christian Braman of Valiabiz is here to tell you that there is a successful alternative route you can take.

Has it always been a dream of yours to live the life you want to live on your own terms, making money while traveling the world. Sounds great, right? Christian Braman is here to tell you how.

Braman, 22 year old self-made entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and philanthropist, from Chicopee, Massachusetts, spent the past 4 years developing himself as a professional in business and has overcome some major obstacles to reach his current position as the leader of a multi-million dollar company. He began his business career at the age of 16 where he made a decision to work that full time instead of finishing high school. His decision did not instantly pay off.

It started out difficult, he said. But he knew there were going to be obstacles he had to hurtle. “Hard times will pass, always forgive yourself and move forward with an optimistic mindset”.

Braman really made a name for himself when he landed Massage Envy and Dunkin Donuts as a client. He explains “From there we really started to generate new relationships with people in various industries. By the end of 2020, we had traveled to states on both the East & West coast developing businesses for individuals, companies, and celebrities.”.

Network, Network, Network. That is the name of the game for Braman, and what he takes pride in as a core identity for his brand. He goes in depth, “I value personal relationships. Most people get this wrong and try to bounce from prospect to prospect to build the bottom line in their business. I believe the relationships you already have with your current customers are worth more than pursuing new ones. When you build deep meaningful relationships, you build mutual trust into their own networks. This is the easiest way to get tapped into new networks with link minded individuals that are also interested in your services”. It’s a simple strategy when you put it that way Christian.

It hasn’t been all fun and games for Braman though. He understands that, taking consistent action day in and say out will really help him achieve the goals he sets for himself. Braman constantly writes down his goals and uses the day to tackle quantifiable goals for the day. He likes to take personal time to meditate and reflect and find ways to make more meaningful connections.

Catch Christian Braman traveling the coasts, hosting events, speaking in front of audiences and sharing his knowledge to those who want to listen. His advice: Build your confidence and self esteem and watch the rest fall into place. Always remember to love yourself to eternity. Check out Valiabiz online, click here.


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