Continuum Blockchain Legislation Summit on February 19

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Feb 17, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Continuum Market hosts a monthly event to discuss the future of United States & Cross-Border Blockchain Legislation. The next Continuum Blockchain Legislation Summit, a virtual monthly event, is scheduled to take place on Friday, 19th February 2021. The event brings together thought leaders, policy makers, and blockchain advocates shaping US and Global Legislation.

Ally Medina (CA) joins Kristina Bruhahn and Jeremy Foreman for a one-hour panel discussion on blockchain technology applications to California and how legislation needs to be crafted to retain and attract businesses and entrepreneurs.

Want to meet the Continuum.Market Brands?

The event continues for two hours of additional networking at booths, roundtables, 1:1, and in the Continuum World VR Experience. You can meet trusted blockchain brands like Prasaga, YFDAI.Finance, Wise Token,, Plato Data,, SHEQonomi, #DoRealGood and more. All Continuum.Market brands participate in Continuum World giveaways, events and promotions. Follow @continuum3000 to learn more.

To prepare for the event, Continuum recommends reading the following article:
Continuum Report: Stablecoins, NFT’s and California (

Continuum Market baselines the Blockchain language keywords, or taxonomy, so everyone can learn to speak blockchain. Whether you are a blockchain newbie or an industry veteran, we want to hear from you. Continuum has created connectivity channels so your voice can be heard regarding blockchain brands and blockchain policy.

Join Continuum through Q1 to learn more about the fascinating world of blockchain!
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Discounted Tickets for the Continuum Community
As a user-driven Transparency Marketplace we appreciate our community and, as a special gesture, members of the Continuum Community that are interested in attending the Blockchain Legislation Summit can enjoy 40% off the admission ticket at

Continuum is an ecosystem of financial and economic insights and dashboards to better understand the digital asset industry, correlations to traditional indicators and geo-location regulation analysis.

The Continuum Community discounted ticket link can be shared with anyone, anywhere, so we encourage you to invite your friends, families and colleagues to come and learn more about the blockchain and DeFi spaces – whether they are entirely new or already familiar with the world of crypto there will be something to suit all demographics.

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About Continuum Market
Continuum Market evaluates Blockchain projects and Cryptocurrencies, by identifying the underlying assets sector, attributes and other pertinent qualities. What are the resulting behaviors? Adoption? How? Why? For What Purpose?

Asset Liquidity within exchange markets and other liquidity pools give the said coin or token value. For 3 years, Continuum Market has identified Crypto Correlations to Global & US economy indicators such as VIX, Nasdaq 100, SP 500, Libor, Nikkei 225, Futures & Open Interest, GDP for US, EU, Brexit, China, GCC/MENA, Precious Metals, Edible & Non-Edible Commodities. Continuum uses data science and natural language processing to create beautiful and easy to understand dashboards and analytics so you can benefit from our insights.

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