Contractor and Entrepreneur Alberto Mordoki Speaks Out on Recent Trends in Home Improvement and Design

FULLERTON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / California-based contractor and entrepreneur Alberto Mordoki was recently featured in an article on TopDreamer. He was asked to provide his insight into recent trends in home improvement and design.

Alberto Mordoki runs his own construction company alongside his wife Mirella Mordoki and his son and daughter.

For the TopDreamer article, Alberto Mordoki identified the top five trends in home improvement and design for 2020. The first trend was upgrading the workspace. Mordoki noted that with so many people being forced to work from home, it led to a major increase in demand for workspace renovations. He went on to say that he saw many extra bedrooms or spaces being turned into offices, as well as empty land on properties being transformed into office spaces.

The second home improvement trend Mordoki described was kitchen makeovers. He said that more people working remotely has led to more people cooking their meals at home. In turn, it has made people want to redesign their kitchens to be more functional, have more storage space, and be more visually appealing.

Further, Mordoki claimed that one popular home improvement and design trend from the past year has been a renewed focus on the outdoors.

Homeowners have more of an opportunity to get fresh air. And since throughout the pandemic, many people have been told not to leave their homes, what better place to do that than their own backyard?” said Alberto Mordoki.

The final trend that Alberto Mordoki discussed is bathrooms. He said that bathrooms are always a popular home improvement trend, and now more than ever, they are being seen as a place to rest and relax as well as a practical space.

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About Alberto Mordoki

Alberto Mordoki is a contractor and entrepreneur from Fullerton, California. He started his own construction company in 2012, which he runs alongside his wife and two children. The company specializes in drywall installation and taping, construction, and suspended ceilings for both commercial and residential properties. In addition to the construction side of the business, Mordoki also has an eye for interior design, a service he offers to many homeowners looking for advice on paint colors or furniture.


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