Cyberinc Introduces Isla Isolation Platform 6 With Smart Isolation, Setting a New Standard in Security and a Seamless User Experience

Smart Isolation Combines with Selective Isolation and Email Security to Maximize Endpoint Security against Web, Email and Document-based Threats while Retaining the User Experience

SAN RAMON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CyberincCyberinc today announced the release of the Isla Isolation Platform 6, featuring significant enhancements that improve the user experience and strengthen security against the most prominent web, email, and document-based threats.

With the introduction of Isla Smart Isolation, an industry-first capability, Cyberinc advances browser isolation technology to simplify deployments and improve the user experience through context-aware isolation. Smart Isolation adapts the browsing experience with dynamic risk assessment, powered by the Cyberinc Threat Intelligence Service, to remotely fetch and execute web pages and safely render them according to risk levels.

Additionally, Cyberinc’s innovative isolation platform addresses a broader attack surface and now scans and protects against malicious attachments delivered to traditional email clients such as Outlook. Isla also categorizes, blocks, and rewrites email URLs, powering them through a browser isolation environment for additional security against phishing attacks.

“Today we are taking isolation security to a new level with innovative features that make the Isla Browser Isolation Platform an ideal option for seamless usability and deployment,” said Rajiv Raghunarayan, Senior VP of Products for Cyberinc. “Balancing security and the user experience is the number one concern for many security leaders and practitioners. End users clicking on links, downloading malicious files, or opening email attachments is a key concern for many security professionals, which is further amplified by remote work.

“Most professionals see browser isolation as a highly effective way to stop such attacks before they penetrate and cause damage,” he continued. “At the same time, ensuring an optimal end user experience is critical. The new features we are introducing today are game-changing for the industry at large.”

Smart Isolation: Key to a Native Experience without Compromising Security

In today’s remote work and cloud-first environment, employees spend a significant amount of time online and may visit web sites that present some level of risk. For example, they can inadvertently click on a fake link used to steal credentials or visit a malicious web page that installs malware on their device. Cyberinc’s new Smart Isolation technology adapts the browsing experience with dynamic risk assessment, powered by Cyberinc Threat Intelligence Service, to remotely fetch and execute web pages and safely render them according to risk levels.

This new capability intelligently adapts web rendering according to the risk levels of the page or web element with two complementary approaches to rendering – UX Optimized and Secure Streaming. The Secure Streaming model renders elements remotely and securely streams harmless pixels to the endpoint to offer the strongest possible security. The UX Optimized model intelligently renders harmful pages and web elements remotely while rendering the less harmful pages and elements locally to balance native user experience and security.

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Expanding Email Security Capabilities

Isla 6 advances the Isla platform capabilities with new abilities to protect against email attacks. Isla can now be deployed within an enterprise email environment, such as Microsoft 365. The platform will scan emails and isolate attachments delivered to traditional email clients, such as Outlook, and block any that are determined to be a security threat. Additionally, Isla 6 rewrites malicious links sent through email and redirects the user to an isolated web environment to block attacks like phishing and credential theft.

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Selective Isolation Enables a Seamless, Progressive Rollout

Isla 6 includes new Selective Isolation capabilities which allow for a fast, simple deployment by offering easy administrative control over what traffic needs to be isolated. Traffic segmentation can be based on the category of traffic, risk levels and aligned with the organization’s risk appetite and policies. For example, users attempting to visit an online gambling or other suspicious site can be blocked or redirected to the site through an isolated browser to ensure nothing malicious can be downloaded or sent to the device.

As with previous versions of the platform, Isla 6 also features agentless deployment so the solution can be easily deployed without adding more load to endpoints. Isla 6 is available as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution to give companies maximum deployment flexibility.

“We are a longstanding customer of Cyberinc and have realized tremendous benefits from the Isla Isolation Platform,” said Rodney O’Sullivan, Information Technology Manager with Luma Pictures. “The upcoming enhancements to Isla will further elevate our ability to take proactive steps in online security, protecting our business and employees.”

Cyberinc’s Isla Browser Isolation Platform offers protection against web, email, and document-based attacks to eliminate major threat vectors and reduce the organization’s exposed attack surface. Additional benefits of the Cyberinc solution include:

  • Security Before the Breach – Companies can stop threats before they become a breach and proactively get ahead of new threats
  • IT Productivity – Isla’s Zero Trust model enables security and IT teams to stay ahead of attacks and focus on critical tasks instead of having to respond to burdensome alert storms
  • User Behavior and Threat Visibility – Isla’s rich dashboard and reports provide insight into attacks, attack vectors, targeted users, as well as user behavior analytics
  • Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement – Enforce corporate and regulatory requirements with policy-based browsing controls and reporting
  • Deployment Simplicity – With agentless deployment and the ability to selectively isolate traffic, Isla simplifies adoption and enables administrators to scale deployment according to the risk levels
  • Integration with Security Stack – Deploy Isla standalone or deploy it with complementary security stack such as web proxies, NGFW, SIEM, sandbox, etc. Isla maximizes your return on investment on existing security technologies while also enhancing the security levels

The Isla Isolation Platform version 6 will be available in beta at the end of February.

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc prevents web, email, and document-based threats before the breach. The company uses a Zero Trust model, powered by isolation-based security, to shrink the exposed threat surface and eliminate the risk of breach from an inadvertent click or document download. The company simplifies security by preventing threats before they cause damage. Cyberinc is trusted by business and government institutions around the world. More information can be found at

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