DAO Maker – Reinventing Community by Virtue of Innovation

PRAGUE, CZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / DAO Maker is a launchpad and accelerator focusing on building, growing, and catering tokenized businesses, providing value and benefits for both crypto projects and their communities. It has multiple proven products and several services that generate worth within its ecosystem.

DAO Maker broadens the technologies and builds communities for startups while reducing the risks for investors.

DAO Maker’s product range consists of 3 different categories: Funding Products, Technological Products, and Enterprise Services.

The flagship product for which DAO Maker is popularly known is the Social Mining SaaS, among Strong Holder Offering and Dynamic Coin Offering as well as fundraising solutions, compliance, and regulatory services, omnipresent marketing support, token ecosystem modelling, community incubation, and governance technology.

The company also has product lines concluding the developmental phase such as Venture Bond, Venture Bond exchange, YieldShield, and dTeams (which is the 2nd generation of Social Mining), enabling access to the possibility of providing venture capital created for the masses.

DAO Maker is continuously introducing new innovative products serving the cryptocurrency industry, ranging from popular structural funding products such as Data-Driven fundraising to widely adopted SAAS solutions such as Social Mining. The goal is to better the existing environment.

Over the past 3 years, DAO Maker used its growing arsenal of products and network to grow several startups from their seed rounds all the way into unicorn status with some exceeding 5B valuations. Starting out of a chat room in the wild west of crypto, DAO Maker became one of the leading incubators in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Today the collective market cap of all DAO Makers incubations and partners exceeds 10B USD.

Following a successful fundraiser amongst this crypto craze, DAO Maker will be launching its own native token, DAO, already adopted by gate.io and Kucoin and is being pursued by multiple other exchanges.

“DAO Maker has waited a long time to enter the market. We believe our SaaS solutions made a strong impact and are proud to serve as an accelerator and launchpad for so many promising projects, but now it’s time to let everyone benefit from our solutions”, said Christoph Zaknun.

Despite the havoc that this pandemic has caused, DAO Maker is soaring high and assembling every opportunity thrown its way.

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