DeFi Space Gets a Boost as NEXT.chain Launches Liquid Sale Event on February 24th

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2021 / NEXT.chain is set to redefine the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on February 24th, 2021. Over the years, Ethereum has held sway, helping many businesses launch their ERC20-compatible projects. While it has helped deepen the DeFi space, Ethereum merely blossomed on an experimental basis. Little wonder its transaction costs keep giving its users a cause for concern. If the blockchain is unable to address transaction cost, then it defeats the aim of having a DeFi ecosystem in the first place. Much as Ethereum’s dApps (decentralized applications) enable users to build and develop their projects, costly transaction fees still threaten widespread adoption. For instance, some transactions on Ethereum cost $10 and above. For smart contracts-enabled, cross-chain transactions cost much more.

Despite its obvious downside, there is no denying that Ethereum has built a robust DeFi community over time. On-chain financial transactions among its global community members have resulted in voluminous trades estimated at $40 billion. However, an attempt to downplay Ethereum’s unpreparedness for widespread adoption translates to throwing caution to the winds. The reason is that whenever the distributed ledger is used, stiff blockchain competition sets in, rocketing the standard gas fees. No doubt, a need exists to nip this undesirable outcome in the bud, as it is likely to discourage prospective crypto users from investing in the rapidly evolving asset class.

To address the worrisome trend, launching NEXT.chain became inevitable. The next-gen blockchain promises to tackle the failings of DLT giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Given the tech wizardry behind NEXT.chain, there is no gainsaying that it is an all-in-one DeFi-ready platform. Its breathtaking features include real-time transaction and escrow support, full decentralization, and digital asset storage. A close examination of its features shows that the DeFi-centric blockchain mirrors the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum combined. In short, it delivers the best-in-class subsystem for decentralized finance by helping individuals and businesses meet their needs. Other striking features are permissionless trading, decentralized asset issuance, and DAOs/NFT creation.

Why NEXT.chain Will Disrupt the DeFi Environment

For those wondering what NEXT.chain brings to the table, and these concerns are genuine. The brains behind the blockchain engineered it to reflect their decade-long industry experience. In other words, NEXT.chain represents the innovative, DeFi-targeted rebirth of Bitcoin-core. With a major departure from the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, the platform features Proof of Stake, allowing masternode holders to play a pivotal role in the dynamic, decision-making community. So far, the Masternode network boosts over 200 peers of validation, enabling speed-of-light transactions and privacy-enabled transfers. It is safe to state that this is a scalable blockchain that supports up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Taking a cue from Bitcoin’s PoW algorithm, the NEXT.chain team incentivized it to allow active NEXT token mining among its community, comprising developers and everyday people. There is an API integration for third parties. Once again, NEXT.chain is a user-centric platform for everyone. To this end, users can perform transactions at nearly feeless rates. Still, they can send funds using an alias as opposed to boring strings of alphanumeric characters. NEXT.chain has teamed up with the blockchain-powered payment provider, PayAccept. By this partnership, the blockchain will bootstrap and provide its users with a seamless payment experience involving fiat-to-NEXT transactions and vice versa. PayAccept is the leading blockchain-based payment solution that eliminates the pain points of converting fiat currencies into DeFi-compatible digital assets. The NEXT token relies on the classical DLT governance concept to sustain network longevity and community by letting NEXT users vote on crucial improvement proposals.

NEXT.chain announces Liquidity Stake Event

NEXT.chain is taking a milestone-based approach to its gradual evolution, focusing first on the development and issuance of assets, decentralizing tradable assets and liquidity, and providing automated market maker trades. Plus, new and existing businesses looking for smart contracts-enabled blockchains can leverage NEXT’s flexible, tamperproof and risk-free ecosystem to meet their business needs better and gain a competitive edge over age-long industry rivals. Thanks to its easily accessible asset issuance mechanism.

In keeping with the tradition of tokenized crowdfunding in today’s crypto industry, NEXT allows projects to raise funds through a user-friendly interface. Once these participants have acquired the digital coins, they can lock up their liquidity, unlock and trade them at their earliest convenience. An ERC20 bridge has been built to ensure seamless cross-chain interactions between ERC20 tokens and NEXT.chain-powered projects; this is another plus. Its phased development introduces a level of awe-inspiring simplicity, making NEXT.chain a must-try ecosystem for all new and existing projects. It will also attract a large user community, allowing it to grow organically. With all the mind-blowing benefits stuffed into one blockchain, NEXT.chain is the next big thing to propel the DeFi space. Click here to join the fast-growing participants in the NEXT.chain Liquidity Staking Event by Safu.Investments.

About Next.chain

Founded on April 23rd, 2019, Next.chain is the brainchild of a Netherlands-headquartered subsidiary of a conglomerate with keen interests in blockchain technology and decentralized finance. In a concerted effort to strengthen its grip on its blockchain subsystem, the group is in the process of obtaining an e-money license. Upon acquiring the regulatory go-ahead, it will establish a fiat-to-crypto gateway and deploy cryptocurrency payments on e-commerce platforms. Aside from improving on the principles of Bitcoin 2.0 security and simplicity, NEXT.chain is a next-gen blockchain project that integrates critical concepts like masternode technology. It also provides easy-to-use and implements web 3.0 solutions for the DeFi landscape. The blockchain will serve as the backbone of many different projects, including, a hybrid trading platform, and PayAccept, a fiat on-off ramp decentralized payment processor.

About is a DeFi-centric presale platform with Uniswap auto-listing, token provision, and liquidity locking developed in 2020. The platform enables third-party DeFi projects to launch quickly, encouraging many participants to have access to digital coins. It also bootstraps projects with verifiable vesting periods. Through the platform, users can create accounts, connect their wallets and participate in presales. It is a secure, hitch-free platform. supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies with a user-friendly interface.

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