DigiPli Launches Holistic Anti-Money Laundering Solution and Welcomes Two Advisory Board Members

 End-to-End AML and KYC Solution Revolutionizes How Fintechs Onboard Customers

JERSEY CITY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Founded by seasoned compliance veterans, DigiPli is transforming Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols for FinTechs and other financial services firms. Today, DigiPli is pleased to announce the official launch of its holistic Onboarding-as-a-Service solution, which addresses a financial institution’s complete onboarding and KYC needs. The platform leverages advances in technology to automate AML workflows and processes, enabling firms to better adapt to a digital economy and the remote support models accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With over five billion people using digital payment technology, and companies globally shifting to remote work models, organizations need more advanced and automated compliance tools to survive in the new environment. In 2020, financial institutions globally spent $180 billion on AML compliance, of which $42 billion was spent by US institutions.

“Compliance professionals worldwide face similar challenges with outdated technology, complex AML regulations that differ by country, and operational inefficiencies arising from integrating a firm’s internal systems with multiple data providers and AML/KYC vendor products. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted tasks and responsibilities to a remote workforce, which in turn revealed a greater need for a simplified yet expanded AML solution,” said Jeff Horvath, Co-Founder and CEO of DigiPli. “DigiPli’s platform provides an end-to-end solution for AML compliance and customer onboarding specifically designed for a fast-growing digital landscape.”

DigiPli’s end-to-end solution includes AML program design, hosted onboarding applications, integrated data and ID verification tools, customizable workflows, staff augmentation, exam support, and other AML advisory services.

DigiPli was co-founded by two seasoned Deutsche Bank compliance veterans, Jeff Horvath and Jeffery Ruiz, DigiPli’s COO. Horvath was previously the Global Chief Compliance Officer at Fitch Ratings and the Global Head of Central Compliance at Deutsche Bank. Ruiz was formerly the Americas Head of Central Compliance at Deutsche Bank. While leading a global compliance team of almost 300 at Deutsche Bank, Horvath and Ruiz saw the need for digitized and streamlined compliance processes that included not just the systems, data and other applications necessary for a successful program, but on-going, expert advice from compliance professionals capable of operating at the junction of regulation, technology, finance and operations.

“Horvath and Ruiz together have over 50 years combined experience in managing compliance processes and teams, and in interacting with regulators in the US and abroad,” said Joseph Polizzotto, Board Advisor at DigiPli. “They’ve taken their collective experience, leveraged industry best practices and the latest in technology to develop the ‘next generation’ AML model, where a single, trusted partner provides a bundled package of all the systems, staffing, tools and data a financial institution needs to design, implement and manage an efficient and robust customer onboarding program from start to finish.”

Joseph Polizzotto and Sanjeev Handa recently joined DigiPli’s Advisory Board. Polizzotto is a distinguished attorney with decades of experience and industry accolades as a General Counsel at Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank. Polizzotto also serves as a Senior Vice President for Strategy & Client Services at QuisLex, a leading legal processing outsourcing company. Sanjeev Handa is an independent director of Carlyle Tactical Private Credit Fund, a closed-end investment management company, and serves on the Board of Directors of GreenPath Financial Wellness. Handa was formerly an independent director at Fitch Ratings and spent 30 years at TIAA-CREF where he gained his experience as a financial, real estate and securitization professional. Alongside Joseph Chan, an existing Advisory Board member, Polizzotto and Handa will be assisting DigiPli through its 2021 product launches and ongoing strategic initiatives.

About DigiPli

DigiPli is a RegTech firm whose Onboarding-as-a-Service offering is redefining how both FinTechs and traditional financial institutions meet their Anti-Money Laundering challenges. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a SaaS-based delivery model, DigiPli’s end-to-end solution for AML systems, staffing and data delivers exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of a traditional AML program. Visit www.digipli.com to learn more.


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