Don Dirren Suggests Checking Out These International Retirement Hotspots

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / Are you entering your golden years or already daydreaming about the relaxing years ahead? Many retirees get to enjoy years of easier living after they retire. You might choose to soak up the sun at a beach, or maybe you’ll retire to somewhere hidden in the woods. Retirement and investing expert Don Dirren frequently helps retirees with financial planning, but today, he’s going to discuss some of the best retirement hotspots around the world.

“With the exception of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has never been easier,” Don Dirren says. “And now, some countries offer long-term visas for retirees, meaning you can lay down your roots in another country if so you choose. You might pick a warmer country, for example, and spend your winters there.”

Don Dirren Outlines Some of the Best Countries to Retire In

Don Dirren notes that some international retirement hotspots also offer a much lower cost of living. By moving to a foreign country, you may be able to live in luxury on a middle-class income. This could certainly make your golden years more golden.

“A thousand dollars a month is considered poverty level in the United States,” Don Dirren notes, “but in Mexico, Malaysia, and some other retirement hotspots, a thousand a month may be enough to lead a middle-class life. A few thousand dollars a month? You can live very comfortably.”

“Both Malaysia and Mexico offer warm weather year-round and also have long-term visa programs that retirees, among others, can apply for,” Don Dirren points out. “In Malaysia, for example, they have the Malaysia My Second Home program.”

Looking for sunshine and dreaming of island life? Don Dirren says Aruba is a great choice, although the cost of living can be relatively high.

“Aruba is a beautiful island, and it’s outside of the hurricane-prone areas in the Caribbean,” Don Dirren says. “The cost of living is a bit pricey compared to, say Mexico, but healthcare quality is excellent, and the island, in general, is quite safe.”

If you can prove that you earn at least $24,000 a year in income, you can stay in Columbia quite easily. Don Dirren also notes that there are many direct flights between the United States and Columbia.

“Columbia may get a bad reputation for past drug wars, but these days many of the big cities and resort towns are generally safe,” Don Dirren says. “Social Security payments are not subject to tax in Columbia either.”

If you’re still worried about crime in Columbia and want access to top-notch healthcare, Costa Rica should make your shortlist. The country is very stable, has a generally good infrastructure and excellent healthcare.

“Costa Rica is an easy country to recommend,” Don Dirren says. “The weather is great, it’s a safe country, and the healthcare system is good. The only downside is that cost of living can be a bit pricey compared to the other countries I mentioned.”


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