Douglas Dohrman, Freelance Editor: How To Use Who You Are

  • Great Editing Starts With Varied Life Experiences For Douglas Dohrman
  • Douglas Dohrman: Well-Traveled

COLLEGE STATION, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 10, 2021 / As a freelance editor, it is important to have a vast knowledge base. In this way, you are able to bring vibrancy to your craft. Douglas Dohrman fulfills this tall order. Following his passion for wine, Douglas Dohrman decided to travel extensively in wine country. Hence, he learned all he could about wine. He was able to add knowledge to his adoration. Another component of Douglas Dohrman’s ability to edit is his extensive travel. After three excursions to Hawaii, Douglas Dohrman has a lot of knowledge about the state and can add this texture to his editing assignments. Other places he has traveled include San Diego, Seattle, Victoria, British Columbia as well as Mexico. These trips included snow skiing activities, hiking, biking, symphony attendance, ballet attendance, as well as exotic beach-going. Also, Douglas Dohrman has an extremely close relationship with his family which includes many vacation outings to Colorado where Douglas Dohrman‘s family has owned a cabin since his year of birth. All of these travel experience makes for the wealth of information on which he draws to masterfully complete his editing assignments. It’s great when you can combine what you love to do with your profession.

Life-long Learning Makes For Great Freelance Editing For Douglas Dohrman

Douglas Dohrman undergirds his extensive travel experiences with his knowledge gleaned from his formal education. Douglas Dohrman has a bachelor of science in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa. His studies extended to a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa. Following these accomplishments, Douglas Dohrman completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco in the Department of Neurology. As a result, Douglas Dohrman is able to astutely edit professionally in the neuroscience and biology fields.

Douglas Dohrman Learns From Life

Douglas Dohrman does not separate his professional life from his personal life in that he uses his life experiences to foster his freelance editing assignments. Living a rich and varied life has paid off well for this devoted father of three. He loves to travel with his wife and three children. He considers himself to be a very devoted husband and father. Douglas Dohrman takes pride in his close-knit family. In fact, he is extremely close to his family and enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties for both his family and friends. Having experienced raising a child with down syndrome, Douglas Dohrman considers the experience to be life-changing. In fact, one of his fondest memories is when his daughter who has down syndrome was crowned homecoming queen of her high school. He treasures the stories from teachers and parents about how much his daughter was loved. She inspired many of her peers and teachers at her high school. Douglas Dohrman continues to lead a very fulfilling life where his professional and private worlds are interconnected. Douglas Dohrman is able to combine all of the loves of his life into a rich and rewarding career in freelance editing.


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