East Coast Electronics Recycling Reveals Why e-Waste Recycling Percentages are Low & What to Do About It

Recycling e-waste is inexpensive, easy, and the right thing to do.

SHIRLEY, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / East Coast Electronics Recycling, a leading electronic and computer recycling company, addresses a pressing matter that has caused an immense amount of confusion and consternation: why are e-waste recycling percentages so low, and even more importantly, what can be done to fix this highly damaging trend?

With respect to why e-waste recycling percentages are startlingly low, East Coast Electronics Recycling points to the enduring and pervasive myth that recycling desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, fax machines, and other items that are either obsolete or not worth repairing (or well beyond the point of repairing) is expensive.

“Since they are not familiar with the e-waste recycling process, many individuals and organizations believe that recycling e-waste is quite costly,” commented a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling. “In reality, to the contrary, recycling e-waste is very inexpensive. What’s more, organizations can promote their commitment to protecting the environment in their communications, which can help with recruitment, retention, and new customer acquisition. In other words, rather than being an expense, recycling e-waste can be a profitable investment.”

Another obstacle that prevents some individuals and organizations from finally getting rid of e-waste – including items that are taking up valuable space, is the fear that their data may fall into the wrong hands. To alleviate this anxiety, East Coast Electronics Recycling offers a secure data destruction solution.

“We use a military-grade data destruction process that is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, and which functions independently of BIOS, OS, or other technical limitations,” said a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling, which has been in business for two decades. “All items that we collect from a customer’s location, or which are dropped off at our recycling facility, are tagged for inventory management and auditing purposes. In addition, our data destruction process is carried out by trained in-house technicians and monitored and verified in real-time. And any items that our customers do not want to recycle and remarket – for example, due to compliance regulations – are physically destroyed using our state-of-the-art device shredder.”

And for those who still are not convinced that e-waste recycling is both inexpensive and safe, East Coast Electronics Recycling brings up two additional and critical points: improper e-waste disposal is extremely harmful to the environment, and it may also be against the law.

“E-waste items can contain metals such as lead, mercury, chromium, and cadmium – among others – which are carcinogenic and harmful to many forms of animal and plant life,” commented a spokesperson from East Coast Electronics Recycling. “On top of this, improperly dumping e-waste is illegal in many states. Transgressors are subject to significant fines, plus they may experience lasting reputation damage. Recycling e-waste by bringing items to our facility, or having our team pick items up, is the smart, safe, and sustainable thing to do. Everyone wins – including the planet.”

Individuals – including remote workers who are being crowded out of their home office by e-waste – and organizations of all sizes are invited to learn more about East Coast Electronics Recycling’s suite of computer and electronics recycling services, and about the company’s data security process, by visiting https://ecerinc.com or by calling (877) 537-9940.

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