Emergency Vehicle Manufacturer, Acela Truck Company, Introduces New Line of COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Clinics

BELGRADE, Mont.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In its continued commitment to support public agencies and other entities in their evolving response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Acela Truck Company’s specialty vehicle division has expanded its line of emergency and disaster response solutions to include purpose-built mobile vaccination and testing trailers in addition to its current manufacturing lines of high-mobility truck chassis, fire trucks, flood rescue vehicles, specialty vehicles and mobile mass-fatality solutions.

Acela is a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer and leasing company that has played a crucial role in our nation’s response to COVID-19, particularly with regards to mass-fatality management. Acela’s custom manufacturing capabilities and past experiences with large-scale disaster responses have been instrumental to its designs of rapid-deployable COVID-19 vaccination and testing trailers.

The customized, purpose-built, bumper-pull style trailers are designed to be utilized as stand-alone units, combined together or with military-style or commercial tents for ultimate flexibility and scalability. Acela’s new line of mobile medical units are especially effective in climates and environments where medical personnel and the public require shelter from harsh elements, and to be built and delivered in large quantities in very short periods of time. The trailers can be customized to include onboard power, heating and air conditioning systems, generators, air purifiers, privacy curtains or rooms, wireless connectivity, ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers for vaccine storage, etc.

The units are available now for federal, state and local government agencies, hospitals and pharmacies, adding to the list of Acela’s current clients, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the California Office of Emergency Management (Cal OES) to name a few.

“Using our expertise in high-mobility, specialty vehicle manufacturing, Acela has been working to meet the needs of our first responder community during America’s COVID-19 response,” said David Ronsen, a retired firefighter and president of Acela Truck Company. “We are delighted that the U.S. has reached the point of being able to vaccinate the public en masse and that we are in a position to immediately help bolster those efforts by manufacturing large quantities of trailers very quickly, making a direct and meaningful impact on turning the corner on this pandemic.”

Trailers are available in multiple sizes, various capabilities and a wide range of price points designed to meet a wide variety of requirements and budgets and are available for lease or purchase directly from Acela and through its multiple contracting cooperatives, including GSA. The new products also qualify for grants and for Federal government reimbursement.

About Acela Truck Company

Acela is a premier specialty manufacturer and lessor of mobile solutions that solve real world challenges for government and large-scale commercial clients. Acela’s product lines include the manufacturing and/or rental of custom trucks, mobile clinics, portable low temperature freezers, mobile morgue trailers and mass-fatality solutions. To learn more, visit www.acelainc.com.


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