Ensuring Nicaragua’s Beef Quality with Strict Traceability Procedures

Nicaragua‘s beef quality and sustainability are assured with the implementation of strict traceability procedures. The procedures ensure that just about every step in the process can be traced back to its origin, i.e., from source to factory.

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / Top-tier beef processing plant, Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A employs strict traceability procedures to ensure beef and cattle can be traced back to the source. Traceability ensures that the entire process is sustainable. It allows the ability to track precisely where the cattle came from to ensure that all designated protected areas are untouched by the industry. Taking this approach, beef producers like Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A ensures that the industry grows, along with the environment and society, both of which happen to be the foundational pillars of sustainability.

Carnes San Martin Anaerobic Treatment Plant

Nicaraguan beef is considered to be some of the best in the world, with the majority of it being exported to the U.S. Nicaraguan beef processing businesses like Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A have stepped up and improved their control.

Readers can find out more about Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A by visiting its official website https://sanmartin.com.ni.

Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A tracing mechanism ensures that each beef carton is tagged with a unique barcode that is then linked to corresponding information about the meat in it. That information is based on other sources of information like the ear tag of the cattle, its owner, and the location of the farm.

All cattle processed at the plant have a unique ear number, and that ear number is then linked to a Farm ID, also referred to as CUE or Código Único de Establecimiento (Unique Establishment Code). Both the CUE and Farm ID are also georeferenced, further substantiating where the beef is coming from.

Carnes San Martin Nicaraguan Beef Feed-lots

The CUE code is generated and provided by the Institute for Agriculture Protection and Health (IPSA). That ensures each cattle received at the plant comes from an authorized farm location and not another area that is otherwise protected.

About Industrial Comercial San Martín S.A

Industrial Commercial San Martín S.A uses what’s called the sustainable model for achieving the required balance between profitability and being in harmony with the environment. The company’s Sustainable Beef Development Program ensures that the country’s beef is amongst the world’s best. The company focuses on minimizing the environmental impact caused by farming while still achieving the highest quality beef and related products.


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