Entrepreneur Oksana Kolesnikova Uses Her Diverse Skills to Create Music and Three Companies

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / Oksana Kolesnikova is not only known globally for her piano-playing expertise and song composition, but she is also an educator, entrepreneur, public speaker, business advisor, philanthropist, and developer of a language curriculum.

Although most people with such a wide variety of talents would have a difficult time deciding which one to pursue, Oksana has managed to successfully develop all of them.

At an early age, Oksana began classical piano lessons, continuing when her family moved from Siberia to Kazakhstan. As she developed her skills, she soon won the first of many music competitions, moving with her parents to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Later, during her time at St. Petersburg College, she won an important piano competition as part of the Florida State Young Artists Symposium, which resulted in a scholarship to the renowned Florida State University School of Music. In 2001, Oksana graduated from that institution with honors.

Even falling in love led to the opening of new doors, as Oksana married Italian-born Alex Concas one year after they met at his birthday celebration, resulting in Alex using his PR and marketing experience to be her manager and using his marketing skills to book piano performances throughout Florida. With a quickly growing fan base, Oksana was soon performing at private events and business and charitable concerts, as well as the Home Shopping Network, and the newly formed power couple, was developing excellent international and national relationships.

In fact, Oksana even broke records in 2003-becoming the first female Russian pianist to perform abroad for U.S troops, eventually visiting Italy, Spain, Greece, Guam, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. She also was invited to demonstrate her ability to officials of the United Nations in both the U.S and Europe.

The next exciting chapter in her story was receiving U.S citizenship in 2006 and then performing for thousands of people at the Salento International Film Festival in Italy. She and Alex celebrated by relocating to Beverly Hills, California, and she began a career as the in-house pianist for the legendary Polo Lounge, a five-star venue within The Beverly Hills Hotel. For seven years, Oksana performed almost every day, even while pregnant, entertaining essentially all of the A-list stars. As a result, her online fan base grew exponentially, and so did the demand for her to entertain at fundraising events and special occasions and teach piano to celebrities and their children.

In 2009, Oksana’s son, Alessandro, was born, but she continued to pursue her goals, cultivating her brand through her business savvy and her local and international connections and meeting the needs of schools and parents for lessons by establishing the Oksana School of Music. Formed under her Oksana Management Group, which was created in 2010, her music school achieved the Best of Beverly Hills Award in 2014.

Due to her already well-established public image, stars flocked to her school of music, which thankfully continued to thrive even during the pandemic, as Oksana had already been incorporating Skype in her lessons to instruct students in other places.

In 2016, Oksana and her husband relocated to Santa Clarita, California, where Oksana began to partner alongside local organizations to grow her music, teaching, extracurricular development, and language programs. This led to stronger relationships and increased demand for her services.

By late 2019, Oksana franchised her arts-oriented and educational enterprise successfully, expanding to numerous schools and municipalities and adding many instructors. Her deep passion for performing and teaching music also inspired her to create a quality-based resource center called Oksana Enrichment Programs for students attending her one-on-one and group lessons, enhancing their abilities through personalized coaching in languages, music, and academics.

Oksana Kolesnikova is now the CEO and founder of two other companies in addition to the Oksana® Management Group, Inc.: Oksana® Franchising International (dba Oksana® Enrichment Programs) and the Oksana® Foundation, which provides extracurricular education to financially challenged children. She is also a member of the Forbes Business Council, the leading socialization and development organization for distinguished global entrepreneurs.

To date, Oksana has released a total of eight CDs and an instructional piano video. Her album “Free Floating” received the award for Best Classical Album from SoloPiano.com, and by early 2020 she received the Excellence in Education Award and performed some of her compositions at the pre-Grammy Awards party in Los Angeles.

To view Oksana’s performances and learn more, visit youtube.com/oksanabella.

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