Figures Show a Growing Number of Rehab Centers Turning to Addiction Treatment Marketing Specialists

In an effort to effectively target people with various forms of drug addiction, some of the top rehab centers are turning to addiction treatment marketing agencies for results.

FORT COLLINS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / February 22, 2021 / Addiction treatment marketing is now one of the most effective ways for drug rehab centers to target people with drug addiction. Many rehab centers turn to companies like The Drug Rehab Agency, a company with a proven record of driving targeted traffic and ensuring conversions for many agencies across the US. The challenge for many rehab centers is that they don’t have the internet marketing or advertising expertise needed to drive the right type of traffic. Third-party agencies like The Drug Rehab Agency have a team of seasoned specialists with years of experience driving the right type of traffic. By hiring an agency, the drug rehab center has effectively offloaded its marketing, which allows it (the center) to focus on its patients.

Knowing how to start a rehab center does not automatically translate to people wanting to go to it. Traditionally, offering drug rehab treatment as a service has always been challenging. Many addicts refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem. Those who recognize that they have a drug issue may not feel compelled to visit a drug rehab center. Not to mention that drug rehab centers have to battle a lot of misinformation online. That’s why some rehab centers can end up spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising, but with little to show in the way of results.

Dedicated, experienced, and often well-reputed third-party addiction treatment marketing companies promise results. Not only that, but companies like The Drug Rehab Agency know precisely how to run and hone campaigns for maximum conversions with the least amount of ad and marketing spend. The result is that centers can effectively double, if not triple conversions.

Readers can find out more about addiction treatment marketing and how it works by visiting The Drug Rehab Agency’s official website.

We promise results! At The Drug Rehab Agency, we help drug rehab centers improve their marketing and advertising campaigns, driving conversions. Our team consists of the most seasoned internet marketing specialists that use advertising, content marketing, video ads, and loads of other techniques to target and often educate people with addictions. The result is a higher occupancy rate for drug rehab centers,” said the spokesperson for The Drug Rehab Agency.

She added, “We have proven that the only way for drug rehab centers to drive conversions is by taking a multi-faceted approach to online advertising and marketing.”

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Founded by Marcus Hansen in 2006, The Drug Rehab Agency has since then worked with close to a hundred treatment centers across the US. The company employs so-called “outside the box” strategies to boost drug rehab centers’ conversions by driving targeted traffic.

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