First-in-Class Biologic Eye Drop Regener-Eyes Launches “Mechanism of Action” Video Series

The new video series educates on the root causes of dry eye disease, and how Regener-Eyes® may provide some relief.

PALM HARBOR, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / Regener-Eyes®, a leading first-in-class biologic eye drop made of naturally-occurring cytokines and growth factors, has launched a new “Mechanism of Action” video series.

For those outside of the medical field, a mechanism of action refers to the biochemical process through which a therapeutic agent produces its effect. This effect can include relief and healing of mild, moderate, or severe dry eye symptoms that are potentially brought upon by a myriad of underlying conditions, such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, recurrent corneal erosion, keratitis, neuropathic eye pain, and meibomian gland dysfunction.

“We know that many patients who suffer from dry eye disease are looking for clear, reliable information that helps them understand the condition, and learn about the mechanism of action for leading products such as Regener-Eyes®. They may experience improvement, both with respect to symptom relief, and overall long-term healing, repairing and regenerating of the ocular surface,” commented C. Randall Harrell, M.D., CEO and Founder of Regener-Eyes®. “Our new video series helps eye care professionals, and their patients get the essential information they need to turn questions into answers and move forward on the physician approved treatment path that is best for them.”

Volume 1 in the new series explores the causes of dry eye disease and explains that damage to any of the three structures that compose the eye’s tear film – namely the mucous layer (conjunctiva), the aqueous layer (lacrimal gland), or the lipid layer (meibomian gland) – can lead to dry eye disease. In some cases, an individual’s own immune system triggers and exacerbates the disease.

“Antigen presenting cells such as macrophages or dendritic cells can confuse these structures as foreign antigens, and train the immune system to eliminate the threat,” explains the video’s narrator, with accompanying animated sequences. “Once activated, macrophages secrete pro-inflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin-1 beta. These cytokines then bind to designated receptors on the cell surface of the meibomian gland, lacrimal gland, or the corneal epithelium. The bound complexes then act like a signalling beacon, inducing a massive influx of dendritic and other lymphatic cells to the region, which then infiltrate and destroy the labeled cells of meibomian glands and the ocular surface of patients with dry eye disease.”

All videos in the new Mechanism of Action series are available on the Regener-Eyes® YouTube Channel, which also features testimonials from patients, and feedback from renowned dry eye experts such as Dr. Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS and Dr. Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO.

About Regener-Eyes®

Regener-Eyes® is a sterile biologic eye drop made of anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors. These types of proteins have been shown to reduce inflammation and stimulate the ocular surface to heal, repair, and regenerate. If you have patients that are not responding to current dry eye drugs, amniotic membrane intolerant, or having issues with blood serum tears, many physicians are finding success with Regener-Eyes® as a new option. For more information on our first in class biologic eye drop, please visit, follow us Instagram, like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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