From Homeless to Serial Entrepreneur: Ra’Shawn Flournoy’s Inspiring Journey of Finding Himself and Helping Others

CHARLOTTE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2021 / From homeless to building a multi-million dollar credit repair and funding company, serial entrepreneur Ra’Shawn Flournoy’s story of trials and triumphs is truly inspiring.


Ra’Shawn Flournoy grew up in a small country town called Spartanburg in South Carolina. Seeking bigger and better things, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to become a pastor and start a church.

After moving and opening a few other small businesses with his spouse, they fell to hard times. “The only thing we had left was our church. We ended up being homeless and lived in the church, slept on the stage, took showers in the public bathroom, and then cleaned everything up as if we weren’t ever there,” says Ra’Shawn.

Even though there are worse places to be homeless than in a church, eventually enough was enough for the Flournoy’s. “Our credit was a huge barrier. We were just getting denied and denied credit, so we started learning everything we could about credit. I’ve studied programs, I’m part of small network groups, and eventually, we developed our own credit repair company called Flournoy Financial Group. It was born in that church. As I said, I had to be the first successful client we had, and I was. We no longer worry about where we live,” says Ra’Shawn.

Ra’Shawn took their lives to a whole new level. “We’re doing things we never thought possible. Our credit repair business has 245 affiliates in the United States and thousands of satisfied clients all within 2 years. And in total, we have 11 different businesses. One of them happens to be a multi-million dollar credit repair and funding company,” says Ra’Shawn.

Flournoy Financial is open to working with anybody in the United States who wants help with their credit repair. Ra’Shawn explains how the whole process works, “What happens is we look for errors on clients’ credit reports, and our team disputes those on our client’s behalf, so it’s very hands-off for the client. We also provide monthly coaching. It’s a great success for a lot of our customers because they’re busy, they have lives, and our services make it easier for them.”

Credit may seem overrated to some, but Ra’Shawn explains that everybody needs it. “In my own personal experience, good credit opens up doors for you. Good credit affects your car insurance, interest rates, down payments, and deposits. They don’t teach credit repair in schools, but it’s important. For instance, by not making payments on-time, it affects one-third of your score. Also, constantly applying for loans adds hits to your credit score too.”

Helping people understand their credit is a passion of RaShawn’s. “I love how our clients can make conscious financial decisions moving forward because our team has educated them.”

Some other ways Ra’Shawn helps his customers is with funding solutions for personal and business funding. “We help guide clients to build their businesses by making sure they’re on the right track financially. We show them things like which programs to be a part of and which credit cards are best versus the ones to stay away from.”

At his core, Ra’Shawn loves helping others. It’s why he still works in the church as a pastor, and it’s why he owns 11 businesses. He loves giving back. Ra’Shawn said, “10% of all our proceeds go back into our community. We provide people with a second chance, the same way I got a second chance.”

If you’re interested in working with Ra’Shawn at Flournoy Financial Group, visit for more information.

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