Hitch Works, Inc., Most Experienced and Advanced Talent Mobility Platform, Deploys Version 3.0 Globally

In Today’s Virtual Workplace, Hitch’s Talent Mobility Platform Makes Skills Transparent, Portable, and Unbiased

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#futureofwork–Cutting-edge internal talent mobility platform, Hitch™ (Hitch.Works) announces the global release of Hitch 3.0. Built on top of the advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and a mature Skills Graph Ontology, Hitch provides new Mentoring and Coaching tools that enhance opportunities access and inclusion equity.

“Today, the evolving landscape of how the Hitch platform helps organizations is very exciting. Our mission is to provide people with the insights about their current skills and those they need to develop across new jobs, gigs, and projects that not only fulfill their personal goals but also support business outcomes. Organizations are benefiting in a myriad of ways from the creativity of product innovation, market responsiveness, career mobility, operational resource agility, DEIB, etc.,” said Kelley Steven-Waiss, award-winning Founder and CEO of Hitch Works, Inc. “We are excited that Hitch continues to demonstrate, through its market leadership in areas like applied AI, a tremendous impact on organizational performance, productivity, and employee engagement.”

Since 2017, Hitch has been transforming the workplace into an inclusive, agile, and adaptive enterprise. As the most experienced internal talent mobility platform, Hitch has a proven track record for transforming organizations like HERE Technologies, Dolby Laboratories, ACT, and others to drive greater productivity and innovation at scale.

“Hitch is one of the more mature and advanced Talent Marketplace solutions in the market,” said Josh Bersin, world-renowned leading HR industry analyst. “Vendor selection should be based on the management team, culture, and belief system. Some vendors are run by engineers, so they have great technology but few services to offer. Others are run by consulting or business executives, so they build end-to-end business solutions.”

Hitch’s new features enhance cumulative project and work outcomes supporting recognition, and reuse of those experiences, small or large:

  • Mentoring and Coaching: Two of Hitch’s powerful feedback mechanisms that build trust and engage in constructive development of new skills.
  • Proprietary AI Skills Recommender™: Recommends predictive, rich and relevant skills, providing “consumer-like” experiences for employees.
  • Advanced Opportunity Search: Extends aspirations beyond the limits of a prescribed career path, making employees visible and organization needs transparent — a key in inclusion equity and access.
  • People’s Analytics: Powerful GraphQL API for real-time reporting and easy integration with other HR tools.

“What differentiates Hitch is our practitioner-approach to addressing bias in job and skills data,” said Jai Jaisimha, Hitch’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). “Hitch’s proprietary and augmented AI Skill Recommender™ tools provide the best set of relevant candidates based on our capability to address skill adjacencies and proxies from untapped, typically hidden talent. Matching this to peers and mentors uniquely aligns employee growth with organizational goals.”

About Hitch (Hitch.Works)

Hitch is a SaaS-based Talent Mobility Platform that helps companies become more inclusive, adaptive, and innovative by connecting the right talent with the right tasks based on skills, experiences and career aspirations. Its proprietary AI-powered solution enables upskilling and reskilling, dynamic teaming, democratized career development, and fosters a culture of learning and growth while accelerating productivity and performance. Learn more about the company at https://hitch.works/.


Susan Hardy, Head of Marketing Communications



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