Homeowners Can Increase Property Value by Refacing, Replacing, or Refinishing Their Kitchen Cabinets.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2021 / Kitchen renovations can improve property value and have a good return on investment. According to annual cost vs. value data, minor kitchen renovations have a better investment return than all other interior home renovations listed. A midrange renovation can recoup over 77 percent of its cost at resale.

“The biggest component of a kitchen renovation will be the cabinetry. It will determine the look and function of the kitchen, but also the cost of the renovation. Fortunately, there are options for restoring cabinets that can meet a range of price points,” said Todd Lacroix of Platinum Pro Painting.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, homeowners have three options: reface, replace, or refinish. When done right, any of those options can help you increase resale value and get a return on your renovation investment.

Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing is when you swap out your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts for new ones. A veneer is often installed on exposed panels, or those surfaces are painted or stained. Usually, the hardware is replaced at installation.

With cabinet refacing, you can change your cabinet door style and have your kitchen look brand-new without the cost of a total replacement. The renovation is also less disruptive and takes less time. Cabinet refacing can save you 30 to 50 percent compared to a full cabinet replacement.

Cabinet replacement

If you’re doing a significant overhaul and wish to change your kitchen layout, a cabinet replacement is necessary. If your cabinets are in rough shape and have water damage or structural damage, replacing them is your best option. A full cabinet replacement can be a significant investment, but the cost depends on the renovation’s size and scale. It also depends on if you choose stock cabinets, semi-stock, or higher-end custom cabinetry.

Cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing, also called cabinet painting, is when all original components of your cabinets are kept but refinished to give a new look. Like cabinet refacing, this is only a good option if your cabinets are not heavily damaged.

The cabinet refinishing process is straight-forward, but homeowners can expect the best results when done by a professional painting company. First, the doors and drawer fronts need to be removed and taken to a spray booth facility. The painters then prep the kitchen for the job by covering and taping off all components that will not be painted. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, sanded, cleaned again, and receive two to three coats of primer before the finishing lacquer goes on.

Finally, the finished doors and drawers are brought back to the home for installation. At this time, new hardware can be installed to complete the job.

Cabinet refinishing can modernize your kitchen in less time and with less money compared to both refacing and replacing. Expect to save up to 70 percent compared to a full replacement. These savings amount to a higher return on investment for your kitchen renovation.

“Painting is a popular project for DIYers, but we highly recommend that homeowners hire a professional for cabinet refinishing. Having the skills, specialized equipment, and experience will give you the like-new finish you want for your kitchen,” said Todd Lacroix.

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Cabinets – Should we reface, replace, or paint?

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