How Buyers Can Navigate The New Home Construction Process From Start to Finish, Top Tips from Real Estate Agent Christina Zamora

SHERMAN OAKS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / Colorado native, Christina Zamora, has assisted over 300 new home closings in her six-year career, and not one of them has gone the same way. She spent most of her career working as a sales associate for a homebuilder where she constantly noticed that buyers lacked real estate representation and protection, knowledge of the home building process, and realistic expectations.

“Buying a home is one of the most stressful and important purchases of a person’s life, and a lot of people just jump into it,” states Christina.

Christina has always had a drive for success, a passion for helping others, and a dream of living in California. She grew up as one of five children and majored in business management at Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. Throughout her adult life, she has prioritized volunteering and giving back to the community. Three years ago, she moved to Los Angeles, got her real estate license, and is now working as a RE/MAX Envision Realtor®. Drawing upon her experience working for a new home production builder, she is able to better help buyers navigate the home development process with her knowledge of both sides of the transaction.

Six years of experience and a desire to help home buyers all over the country inspired Christina to write her new Ebook: Home To Buy a New Construction Home Without Losing Your Mind.

“I started writing and the information just flowed out of me. It’s a very honest book that I hope guides homebuyers through the new home construction process,” Christina says.

This Ebook guides homebuyers from before you go into the sales office to contract. She is hoping to write another Ebook that would cover from contract to closing in the future. Christina shares her top 3 tips:

1. Make sure you have a real estate agent to represent you. Many buyers make the mistake of not hiring an agent because they think that since they already found the property on their own, they can do the rest on their own. It’s important to have an agent to represent you and look out for your best interest during the entire process. The sales agent represents the builder and is focused on the development company’s best interest, Christina knows this from experience.

2. Set realistic expectations. New does not mean perfect. Many buyers assume that since the home is brand new, it will be perfect. That is not the case. Christina says, “At the end of the day, each home is a unique process. It is built by people.” No new home will be perfect, buyers need to understand that just like with resale, anything can happen after you move in. This is why it is also important to understand warranties with new homes.

3. Get prequalified and know there will be many expenses. It’s important for buyers to go into the process already being prequalified and aware that they will have many expenses aside from just the base price of floor plans. Buyers should prepare for these expenses ahead of time and Christina teaches them out to do just that in her ebook.

Her goal with this ebook is to make the process less overwhelming for home buyers. After the e-book is released on February 16th, Christina is donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity called A Light in Dark Places, whose mission is to help those affected by suicide through the performing arts. She hopes to continue giving back as her real estate career grows in California.

In addition to her ebook, Christina is eager to continue on her newest adventure, representing sellers and buyers as a RE/MAX Envision Realtor®.

“Representing buyers purchasing new homes without limiting myself to one development or builder is fun for me. I love the design of the modern home and the possibility of buyers getting everything they want,” Christina says as she looks forward to working with luxury developers and custom builders in new communities and bringing her unique perspective into the Los Angeles real estate market. “I also work with my clients to sell the current home that they are in, so that they will seamlessly be able to transition into their new home.”

To learn more about how to work with Christina or more information on her new ebook, check her out on Instagram!


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