iMe Brings Crypto to the Mainstream Through a DeFi Messaging Platform

LARNACA, CYRPUS / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2021 / iMe Messenger, the innovative DeFi messaging application based on Telegram equipped with futuristic abilities, is all geared up to launch exciting new features.

With the massively rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and their integration into everyday life, a messaging platform that caters to the DeFi audience has become a need of the hour. We now see many applications that support the transfer of fiat money, but how about crypto? iMe Messenger bridges this gap and aids the crypto industry in its unprecedented growth through a user-friendly platform where crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts can efficiently communicate and engage in financial transactions.

What is iMe?
iMe is an intuitive messaging platform developed on the Telegram open source. It features all the functions of Telegram along with some exciting new tools and settings like neurobots, a built-in google translator, crypto wallets, a functional cloud with albums, and advanced folder facilities.

The central idea behind the project is the empowerment of Telegram users through the capabilities of DeFi. It facilitates seamless business and personal communication in one of the most secure ecosystems available today.

iMe Wallet and Fiat Purchase of Crypto
iMe Wallet is integrated with the Ethereum platform to take the use of decentralized financial instruments to the next level. By enhancing the competence of a messaging application with cryptocurrency transactions, iMe accelerates the mass adoption of DeFi in a way no other venture has attempted. Although the version with the option to send ETH was updated just a few weeks ago, iMe Wallet has 10k active Ethereum wallets in use currently.

One of the defining features of iMe would be crypto transactions using fiat bank cards. To support this, iMe has partnered with Simplex, a licensed financial institution in the crypto world that hosts a diverse range of payment options. The alliance extends many functions and facilities on Simplex to the iMe ecosystem. Telegram users can access the highly acclaimed Atomic Wallet and MyEtherWallet used on the Simplex platform, now from iMe.

Lime Token
Lime token is the ERC-777 utility token on iMe. Although it was first designed to connect AiCoin – the virtual coin on the iMe ecosystem – to the decentralized world, its scope has widened over time.

Lime tokens will be available for purchase on SIMPLEX in the near future and through Uniswap in the next update. The number of cryptocurrencies supported via Simplex will be increased over time.

High-End Security
iMe Wallet has a separate existence from iMe messenger, giving you full control over your keys and funds. You will encrypt your wallet and will be asked to enter your password every time you open the wallet. However, iMe Wallet will enable a PIN code that encrypts the password for added convenience. In this case too, only the device will have access to the password, no servers are involved.

When it comes to the messenger, all data exchanged like names, phone numbers, and conversations are stored on Telegram’s servers. The platform has no access to them as it will violate the terms of Telegram’s open-source code use. This way, iMe Messenger guarantees 100% privacy to users.

The Road Ahead
Currently, iMe supports the storage, purchase, and exchange of ETH. In the future, more exciting DeFi features will be rolled out like the transfer of crypto coins to Telegram users through a user-friendly interface, addition of USDT, Uniswap integration, Bitcoin integration, and Lime token – Simplex integration with an aim to enhance the liquidity and usability of crypto coins.

iMe Crypto Wallet Roadmap

11.2020 │ Ethereum Blockchain Integration
11.2020 │ Storage of ETH
12.2020 │ Buying ETH via Simplex
12.2020 │ ETH transfers
02.2021 │ Adding USDT
02.2021 │ Uniswap Integration
03.2021 │ Lime Release
03.2021 │ Exchange AiCoin → Lime
04.2021 │ Lime Deposits with income in USDT
04.2021 │ Bitcoin Blockchain Integration
04.2021 │ Adding Bitcoin
05.2021 │ Lime Listing on Crypto-Exchanges
05.2021 │ Adding Lime to Simplex

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