ImpulseVen – Unique Integrated DEX With AI Trading, Derivatives And DeFI Solutions

About ImpulseVen

CASSIS, MAURITIUS / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2021 / ImpulseVen is an all-round DeFi ecosystem that offers a range of DeFi solutions in one package. Built on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by ERC20 VEN token, the platform is on a mission to make DeFi solutions accessible to all by offering an easy-to-use platform with highest standards of transparency, security, and reliability. It also simplifies monetary transactions by offering an alternative to expensive middlemen and third-party intermediaries. The DApps offered on the platform includes a state-of-the art decentralized exchange, AI-based arbitrage trading bot, Derivatives Trading Platform, lending platform, decentralized recurring billing, yield farming and staking rewards, and more.

How does ImpulseVen work?

ImpulseVen is a DeFi solution built over the tried and trusted Ethereum protocol. It is powered by VEN, a native ERC20 token that plays a crucial role in conducting business within the ImpulseVen ecosystem. The products and services offered by the ImpulseVen ecosystem is based on a strong foundation formed by its decentralized exchange platform. The ImpulseVen DEX allows non-custodial, cross-chain peer-to-peer transactions with the help of smart contracts – a capability that forms the basis of all DeFi applications, including other services offered.

What does the platform offer?

ImpulseVen is a DeFi Exchange, Staking & Lending Platform which offers a wide range of DeFi Solutions in one package.

The platform includes:

  • A state-of-the art decentralized exchange; The DEX has been developed in a way where it will be very user friendly and easy to trade. Clients will be able to trade any pair of cryptocurrencies they want and whenever there is a matching, trade will be executed.
  • AI-based arbitrage trading bot; The bot will be connected to several DEXs and will identify any price discrepancy.
  • Lending & Borrowing platform; Clients will be able to lock accepted cryptocurrencies as collateral and borrow in stable coins.
  • Decentralized recurring billing; this feature will ensure regular payment is being executed on a timely basis.
  • Derivatives Trading Platform: High speed Derivative Trading platform with highest accuracy.
  • Yield farming and staking rewards; Investors can lock their Ethereum’s over a certain period and earn rewards in Ven Tokens. The rewards will be compounding.

Through ImpulseVen, DeFi solutions are made accessible to all by offering an easy-to-use platform with highest standards of transparency, security, and reliability.

How is ImpulseVen a milestone in the DeFi Industry?

Increasing use of cryptocurrencies with their underlying blockchain and smart contracts provides the ability to conduct trustless transactions, thereby making the legacy systems more of an option than a compulsory requirement. The DeFi solutions like ImpulseVen, embodies these advantages provided by blockchain and decentralized ledger technology. Hence extending its application and promote widespread adoption of trustless mechanisms to conduct even the most complex transactions without middlemen or the risk of being held hostage by a third-party institution.

The uniqueness of ImpulseVen is it’s AI based arbitrage trading bot and Derivative Trading Platform. The arbitrage Trading Bots using artificial intelligence will be able to leverage on varying prices of crypto assets across different decentralized exchanges, to execute profitable cross platform trades. While the principles behind arbitrage trading is not new and there are numerous trading bots currently available in the market, there are very few, if not none so far that work in a decentralized setting.

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Meet-Up Sponsored by ImpulseVen

Several important international Speakers will be present, including:

Jane King CEO LilaMax Media Executive Producer/Host, Innovators Weekly TV Show
Jen Buakaew Blockchain & Crypto Influencer
Benito Elisa CFA at ImpluseVen
Cora Ng Korimbocus COO at ImpulseVen
Krystelle Galano CPO at Impluseven
Amit Debnath Lead Developer at Impulseven

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Contact info:

Company: ImpulseVen
Address: Cassis, Mauritius

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