Inspur’s Four-Socket Server Sets SPEC jbb2015 Record for Java Application Performance

NF8260M6 broke the SPEC jbb2015 test record with 397,601 Java transactions per second, a record previously held by Inspur’s NF8480M5.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently, the international organization for performance evaluation, SPEC, announced the latest four-socket server performance test results. Inspur’s new-generation four-socket server NF8260M6 broke the SPEC jbb2015 test record with 397,601 Java transactions per second, a record previously held by Inspur’s NF8480M5.

SPEC jbb2015 (Java Server Business Benchmark) is the latest generation of test benchmarks released by SPEC to measure the performance of server Java applications. It can measure the performance of the overall application solution including JRE, operating system and underlying hardware. It is widely representative in practical applications, and is a key indicator for the selection of core application business systems in finance, communications, energy, manufacturing, medical and other industries.

The SPEC jbb2015 test environment simulates the business system of a large global supermarket, including user input, business application logic and a three-tier architecture of database system. The main functions of the simulation include online and offline shopping, data mining, supply chain warehousing, and logistics. The test measures the maximum value that the system can handle through the increasing business volume, while comprehensively evaluating the performance level of the server running various Java business applications based on the increase in business volume and changes in system response time.

On this basis, the NF8260M6 is put to the test. The 2U system supports 4 brand new Intel third-generation Xeon scalable processors, which boast a comprehensive upgrade of chip interconnection technology through which high-speed signal communication speed is increased to 20.8GT/s. Its load balancing topology enables a better balance between increasing throughput and reducing overall CPU energy efficiency, and has major advantages in terms of performance and power consumption.

In addition to exceptional stand-alone processing performance, the NF8260M6 features good RAS characteristics. Through hot switching, intelligent detection, intelligent management and other technologies, it greatly reduces the risk of unplanned system downtime. The mean time between failures (MTBF) of the motherboard is increased to 248,000 hours, providing extremely efficient, stable and reliable computing capabilities for massive data analysis and processing requests for key applications.

As enterprises ramp up adoption of digital and intelligent technologies, data centers have continuously raised server performance requirements. SPECjbb2015 is the definitive industry benchmark that accurately assess the performance level of servers running Java services within strict scenario-based test environments and standards. Breaking the SPECjbb test record once again indicates that the Inspur server’s “extreme design” concept is capable of meeting growing demands of the rapidly evolving technology landscape. The NF8260M6 has so far been applied in financial and gaming sectors, and is poised to serve other areas like cloud, big data, AI, and emerging technologies around Internet, finance, energy, medical and other industries.

“The previous generation of Inspur servers broke 153 SPEC test records, and if NF8260M6 is any indication, the trend of performance record-breaking will carry on with the new M6 series, driven by Inspur’s credo of continuous, extreme innovation in the interest of providing the best solutions for a transforming technology market,” said Alan Chang, deputy general manager of server product line at Inspur.

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