James Sdrales Believes Leadership Is Key to CEO Success

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / James Sdrales leverages essential leadership skills to fuel his success as CEO of four restaurants in California: My Place Sports Bar and Grill, Zubie’s Dry Dock Restaurant and Bar, Paradise LA, and the Ouzo and Feta Greek Restaurant and Bar. His ability to execute simple and complex goals stems from his extensive entrepreneurial insight, which throughout the years, has translated into him becoming one of the restaurant industry’s most trusted sources of information.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate the restaurant industry, James Sdrales is paving a trail that any restaurant owner should consider following. After all, Sdrales is a go-to source and resourceful knowledgebase for new and seasoned restaurant owners and managers. His long-held belief that leadership is key to CEO success has been exemplified in his own life several times over throughout the openings of multiple eateries.

By training for specific scenarios in the restaurant industry, James Sdrales believes it becomes possible to stay on top during the worst of situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic. He also has a strong belief in what true excellence is like in a successful restaurateur’s life: the excellence within the success of being a restaurant owner spills beyond the four walls of the dining establishment and invigorates the owner’s personal life. When excellence in success is experienced in personal and career lives, this leads to an uninhibited passion for work and play.

To be a good leader, James Sdrales says it’s pertinent to keep productivity levels at an optimal level, and this requires being able to recognize at which point employees are hitting a “burnout” phase. Not only does “burnout” hinder productivity, but it also leads to dealing with employee issues related to exhaustion, sickness, and poor emotional control, all of which are detrimental to quality service in a restaurant.

James Sdrales says he’s seen hundreds of restaurateurs miss ample opportunities to achieve success simply because they couldn’t balance their work and personal lives. He goes on to say that when all of a person’s time is put into making the restaurant work, this leads to little time for self-care, and these elements, when combined, make it nearly impossible to maintain positive leadership.

The life of James Sdrales showcases the art of working toward new goals by using impeccable time management skills. In fact, it is his time management skills that Sdrales believes is the key difference between success as a restaurateur and being burned out.


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