Jiobit Builds on Award-Winning Formula, Offers Most Advanced Encrypted Location Tracking and Personal Safety Solution

New Jiobit location monitor advances personal safety by expanding coverage and reliability, boosting accuracy and speed, and extending battery life by up to 50%

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jiobit today unveiled Jiobit Next, the next generation of its acclaimed location-based tracking and personal safety solution. Jiobit Next is thoughtfully engineered with improved accuracy, battery life, coverage, security, and reliability to ensure peace of mind no matter where your loved ones go.

In 2018, Jiobit debuted the first-of-its-kind location tracking smart tag to customer and media accolades. It’s the smallest and longest lasting real-time location monitor, and quickly became one of the most trusted, both for its ease of use and government-grade encryption and security. Jiobit Next builds on that success, refining and advancing the product based on network logs, customer feedback, reviews, and usage data.

“Customers spoke, and we listened,” said John Renaldi, Founder and CEO of Jiobit. “The first generation Jiobit was a standout, but Jiobit Next perfects the recipe. We funneled two years of usage data and customer feedback into engineering Jiobit Next and the result delivers on our users’ biggest asks. As schools reopen and travel rebounds, this tool will keep kids, pets, and family members safe no matter where they are.”

Better coverage and reliability in buildings, schools, high rises, and “dead-zone” areas

Jiobit Next reaches even more Americans, including most rural areas previously in spotty coverage, by leveraging the reach of new low-power, wide-area (LPWA) wireless networks. Compared to existing cellular technologies used in mobile phones, Jiobit Next can now reach areas that traditionally had little-to-no coverage.

In addition, a newly-designed antenna system delivers best-in-class radio performance, enhancing signal strength in buildings, schools, stores, high rises, and other challenging signal environments where brick, stone, and steel can hamper communication.

Faster notifications and location updates

Using a LPWA CatM1 national wireless network–which was built specifically for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices–Jiobit Next not only expands national coverage but allows for faster connectivity. This means speedier notifications and location updates, offered at the same monthly service price.

The next-generation model offers more insights into location, including power-efficient HD Location History that provides granular and high-fidelity location reporting without sacrificing battery life.

Up to 50% longer battery life

The first-generation Jiobit Smart Tag featured the best battery life on the market, but it could vary depending on the environment in which it was used. Jiobit Next improves average battery life by up to 50% compared to the first generation. A majority of users can expect up to 7-10 days between charges with consistent daily usage, while pet owners can expect 10-20 days under typical use.

That’s achieved through a combination of new lower-power electronics and enhanced Progressive Beaconing algorithms. Jiobit Next’s new GPS system allows for exceptionally low-power active tracking, faster location fix times, and more durable satellite tracking data to preserve battery power.

Personal safety for all ages

Jiobit Next offers a number of personal safety features, including an alert button and customized notifications. Pressing the Jiobit Next’s alert button instantly notifies loved ones that the user is lost or in danger. Using the Jiobit app, users can customize the button to their needs, choosing to alert family members, send customized notifications to caregivers, or even disable the feature.

A new Jiobit web app offers a monitoring experience on desktop with alerting and notification controls; especially useful for those families with several Jiobit devices or for organizations that deploy multiple Jiobit devices in the field.

New strap clip accessory

Jiobit Next comes with the same hem-lock loop and secure loop accessories that helped secure the original Jiobit to clothing and belt loops, but also includes a new accessory: the strap clip. The strap clip securely fastens Jiobit to common personal items, including backpacks and pet collars. Using a tool to lock and unlock it in place, customers can position the strap clip flush with a pet’s collar to allow for additional comfort, security, and protection. This allows the use of the fashionable collar or pet harness users already have.

To order Jiobit Next for $129.99, register today at Pre-order reservations will be sent to those that register, and the Jiobit Next will be available for purchase in late February at and subsequently at Amazon, Chewy, and Special VIP pricing and availability is offered to current Jiobit users and customers of Learn more at

About Jiobit

Founded in 2015, Jiobit shipped its first product, “The Jiobit Smart Tag,” in 2018 as a location monitor for kids. Jiobit quickly expanded into other consumer segments including pets and adult safety, as well as the government and B2B spaces. With innovations and patents in hardware, cyber security, network operations, and consumer software, Jiobit offers the world’s smallest and longest-lasting real-time location tracking device, and has become one of the premier hardware-enabled SaaS companies in the U.S.

Jiobit’s patented tracking technology, built by industry veterans from Motorola, is backed by Netgear, as well as individual investors and advisors from Facebook, Uber, and Google. Jiobit is headquartered in Chicago, with team members across the U.S. and a development center in Silicon Valley.

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