Julita Marshall Discusses Common Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Experience

Julita Marshall recently discussed common challenges women entrepreneurs experience in the business world

MONTGOMERY, IL / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / More women are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before. Through starting their own business, women are in charge of their pay, work hours, expectations, and so much more. However, women entrepreneurs face several challenges that male entrepreneurs often don’t have to endure. Entrepreneur Julita Marshall recently discussed some of the challenges facing women who own their businesses.

“Unfortunately, many female entrepreneurs face a major challenge that is difficulty in receiving funding,” Julita Marshall of Aurora said. “Female-owned businesses often lack the financial support male-owned businesses receive.”

Julita Marshall added that while investors are less likely to support women-owned business ventures, banks are also less likely to provide funding. Gender and cultural biases lead to the denial of loans that men would much more easily receive.

“Women are typically more than simply entrepreneurs,” Julita Marshall of Aurora added. “They’re often wives and moms with a long list of additional obligations. Many women carry the entire burden themselves, performing motherly duties at home and committing to the business as well.”

Julita Marshall added that woman entrepreneurs often need to balance the separate spheres of family and business and learn how to make them both thrive. Sometimes, the family’s demands or the business are too much, and the woman has to decide which will take priority.

Similarly, Julita Marshall of Aurora explained that women more often lack the support system that male entrepreneurs receive. Women face significant networking challenges, leading to the emotional or financial support needed to advance a business.

Female business owners need sponsors and mentors as much as their male counterparts, yet finding that support system can be intricate. Julita Marshall suggested looking for woman-driven networking events and organizations, such as eWomenNetwork, WIN Conference, and Ellevate Network.

“Women have to work much harder to be taken seriously,” Julita Marshall said. “Women CEOs are often working in industries dominated by men. Males are more likely to question a woman’s leadership role, and earning respect can be a lengthy process for a female entrepreneur.”

All of the above challenges can make it difficult for a woman to own her accomplishments. However, Julita Marshall of Aurora explained that these accomplishments drive other women to become entrepreneurs as well. She finished by stating that confidence is one of the primary keys to success for woman entrepreneurs.

“Have confidence in your ability to run a business and run it well,” Julita Marshall finished. “The respect and success will follow.”


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