Latest Release of Tripwire Configuration Manager Delivers Increased Protection for Cloud-based Assets

Service expands support across three major cloud service providers and offers storage configuration monitoring

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tripwire, Inc., a global cybersecurity solutions provider protecting the world’s leading organizations, today announced expanded multi-cloud capabilities for Tripwire® Configuration Manager. Tripwire’s SaaS application now helps organizations effectively manage security across AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform), including greater data privacy management through storage configuration monitoring.

Tripwire Configuration Manager simplifies the monitoring, remediation, and automation of cloud account configurations for multi-cloud organizations through a single console. Users can monitor and enforce secure configuration policies across a multi-cloud environment and determine where they stand against Center for Internet Security Foundations benchmarks.

Misconfigurations are a leading cause of data breaches and security incidents involving the cloud. Tripwire Configuration Manager helps ensure your cloud accounts are in a known and trusted state by enforcing security policies. Its automated remediation feature will reset a configuration that is out of compliance to its previous state, ensuring user cloud accounts are configured correctly, and the services and workloads they host in the cloud are safe.

The updated service also enables storage monitoring and provides an in-depth view of storage configuration across multi-cloud accounts, making it easier to define public vs. private data. Users can break down data privacy settings to address specific areas of concern, such as encryption, and enforce increased levels of privacy for more important data.

As companies continue to expand operations into the cloud, they are left open to significant security, privacy, and regulatory threats, often caused by misconfigurations,” said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire. “Most teams have limited personnel to defend the network and need support to determine which problems are most pertinent. Secure configuration management is a basic but critical security practice to ensure gaps in security are realized and that companies are protected from devastating and costly impacts caused by cloud-related attacks.”

Tripwire Configuration Manager is easy to implement and operate. A free trial is available that enables users to test their cloud account security within minutes. The data can also be combined with configuration data from Tripwire Enterprise using Tripwire Connect, providing an integrated view of a company’s security posture.

Key benefits of Tripwire Configuration Manager include:

  • Immediate assessment of cloud account configurations
  • Optional enforcement to minimize human-based misconfigurations
  • Prioritization of noncompliant configurations using a risk assessment
  • Multi-cloud support to provide a consolidated view of cloud configurations
  • Greater data privacy management through multi-cloud storage configuration monitoring
  • Platform architecture to allow existing Tripwire on-premise products to share data
  • “Quick start” feature, using the existing cloud configuration as a baseline to expedite startup
  • Available as an ExpertOps managed service

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