Local Company Offering Commercial Cleaning Sydney Explains COVID Precautions and its Consistently Highly Rated Performance

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2021 / The people who run Clean Group Sydney want the community to know that they have the latest COVID guidance well in hand. Its employees are specifically selected for their abilities to understand the COVID pandemic and to guard against transmitting it or prolonging it. They are trained and retrained very regularly.

Thomas Baxter is one of Clean Group Sydney’s managers. “We know that trusting a commercial cleaning company is a big step, and that is why we have such an emphasis on training and retaining our employees. The horror stories that we have heard about cleaners leaving alarms tripped, buildings unlocked and far worse are incredible. We simply would not tolerate anything of the sort, and we don’t think our clients should either.”

Even though COVID is now thought to not be as dangerous on surfaces as was stated earlier in the pandemic, Clean Group Sydney handles its duties with the same attention to detail as it did initially.

Whether someone is in need of medical centre or gym cleaning, office cleaning, after builders cleaning, moving-in cleaning, strata cleaning, warehouse cleaning, or even childcare centre cleaning – having a trained and experienced team of office cleaners enables the company to do its work in a fashion that is precise, professional, and customised to the clients’ needs.

Ever since the Clean Group started offering Commercial cleaning Sydney, they received positive reviews. People all over the area have been enormously pleased with its services. One client wrote: “I had been moderately comfortable with the cleaners we’d had in our office for several years, but then I happened to meet one of the Clean Group managers. He came in, gave us a free estimate, and quoted 15% below the original firm. We decided to give them a try and it was a real difference. Everything was done on time, every time, the place was spotless and disinfected as well. These people are definitely professionals and I’d recommend them without reservation.”

Regional manager Steven Matthews said “We take COVID extremely seriously and thus we are extremely thorough in the way that we clean every single surface that is touched in a client’s premises. Our staff are masked and gloved at every cleaning and highly trained. We use disinfectants that are non-toxic but effective. We cross-check every job so that we don’t miss a surface.”

When asked to further explain his organization’s success Mr. Matthews said “The company has been in business for more than ten years now. We are tireless about improving our processes, about constantly using the best available technology and cleaning substances, and addressing our client’s feedback and their needs. This is why we are one of the most recommended companies for people needing commercial cleaning in Sydney,” he said.

Many businesses and organizations are concerned about the environmental aspect of the solvents and cleaning supplies that are used in their buildings. The Clean Group Sydney was “… ‘green’ before it was fashionable,” as Founder Suji Siv said. “We realized long ago, for example, that microfiber cloths can remove most allergens from surfaces. We learned that harsh cleaning chemicals can cause great discomfort in the workplace for certain people and thus those are only used by request and with great caution.”

Keith Pastor is a team leader who supervises a team of cleaners in South Sydney. He is there for every job that they do. When asked to explain why the company has been so successful, he said, “Because there is method and order to what we do. We have a process that we use every time. We take great pride in our work and we know that part of what we do is protecting the people who work in the buildings that we clean. We work hard and go the extra mile. If any client walked in unexpectedly at any job my team does, they would be impressed with the professionalism and seriousness we dispatch our work.”

Those wishing to learn more may contact the company at https://www.clean-group.com.au/sydney/.

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