Major Motion Logistics Speaks Out on the Difficulties Entrepreneurs are Facing Due to the Pandemic

EL PASO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / Major Motion Logistics, one of the leading trucking, dry hauling, and debris and dirt removal companies in the United States, was recently featured in an article for BitRebels. The article highlighted the difficulties entrepreneurs are facing throughout the pandemic and how to work through them.

Major Motion Logistics is a family-run business, founded by Cesar Lopez Sr., Cesar Lopez Jr., and Angel Lopez, that has been in operation since 2018. The company primarily operates in El Paso, Texas.

The BitRebels article broke down the difficulties entrepreneurs are facing into three key challenges. The first is securing financing. The article noted that one of the hardest aspects of creating a business and running one is shoring up capital. And when the global economy is in a recession and the stock market is down, this becomes an even greater challenge. To overcome this problem, Major Motion Logistics recommended starting small and building up capital on your own. According to the Lopez family, the key is to provide great customer service so that customers keep coming back, allowing your business to continue growing financially.

The second difficulty is building a trustworthy and hardworking team. Major Motion Logistics claimed that finding, hiring, and training great employees is never easy; however, they shared a piece of advice that helps them overcome this problem. The team said to be as specific as possible when searching for a new employee.

“The more details you include in your job postings, the better. This will help you weed out candidates before they even apply,” shared Major Motion Logistics.

Finally, Major Motion Logistics offered advice about the challenges associated with managing a team of employees. The company noted that the COVID-19 pandemic and not being able to see employees face to face has made employee management that much more difficult. However, Major Motion Logistics has persevered and overcome this obstacle through technology. In addition to communication software, they recommended using online project management software that allows employees to assign tasks, add due dates, share important information, and mark tasks as complete.

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About Major Motion Logistics

Major Motion Logistics is a family-run business that specializes in dirt and debris removal, trucking, dry bulk hauling, water trucks, excavation, and Mexico border crossings. The company was founded by the Lopez family, Cesar Lopez Sr., Cesar Lopez Jr., and Angel Lopez, in 2018 and operates out of El Paso, Texas. Further, Major Motion Logistics is a branch of A.L Trucking, which is also a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1965.


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