Meet Andrew Ragusa: The Real Estate Investor with a Unique Business that is Helping People Build Wealth

LONG ISLAND, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / When you think of real estate investments; you probably would think of the traditional REIT, multifamily properties, or the Property Brothers TV Show. We have all seen the many different TV shows on cable networks where an investor purchases a home and films the process of demolition, rebuilding, and selling for a profit.

And just like most people you probably thought to yourself “wow that seems like a lot of work” and you would love to be involved in a process like this. Time, money, and resources are the biggest obstacles most of us have to overcome in order to make this happen. Most people probably think it just simply wouldn’t be possible for them, well then there’s good news.

Meet Andrew Ragusa, CEO/Broker of REMI Realty in Plainview, NY, and owner of Assets for Opportunity; a real estate company that will enable you to do just what you thought; flip houses.

Andrew has created a special opportunity for people who want to invest in Real Estate flips and wouldn’t be able to dedicate the amount of time or money normally required. When asked how he came up with the name he said

“…the name is a great way to paraphrase what we do. We use assets raised by meeting people who want to invest to create opportunities for those who are looking to take advantage and invest in the boom in the single-family housing market.”

The demand for suburban housing has skyrocketed since the beginning of economic recovery from the COVID-19 lockdowns. Andrew‘s company, Assets for Opportunity, has been buying up houses from people who want to sell fast for cash and allow investors to cash in on the profits from each house flipped.

Andrew says the majority of his investors are “…middle income families looking to create some extra money with their savings.” By investing this they do not have to come up with the full financial burden of the project; making it possible for them to participate in something that would have otherwise been very difficult to get involved in.

And the opportunities did not stop just there; when interviewed Andrew had mentioned something special he noticed his company was doing.

“During the lockdowns, a lot of people were out of work, but we were still operational as an essential business because what we do is construction. What happened was we ended up keeping a lot of people employed during the time where most people were losing their job. Our contractors were so grateful to still be working.”

Assets for Opportunity was creating opportunity in more ways than one, keeping investors happy with large returns and keeping workers happy with steady reliable income.

When asked about the real estate market and where Andrew thinks it’s going, he told us

“…I think people are going to be moving towards suburban areas for a while; the demand for large space at home is here to stay because I don’t think remote work is going to end; it was already long overdue.”

As for the company Assets for Opportunity, the plan is to expand to the most in demand areas people are migrating to. Andrew had mentioned that he plans to purchase more homes in area’s people want to live in, so that he can keep his worker employed and his investors happy

For more information about Andrew Ragusa you can check out his social media pages or his business pages or

Andrew also hosts a podcast where he speaks with authors, real estate investors, and 7+ figure income earners to help provide tips and share stories of those who are leading their industry in business. EntrepreGrow Radio is available on Spotify.

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