Meet I’Milky: The Hottest Spot for Bubble Tea

A welcoming staff isn’t the only thing that sets I’Milky apart from the countless other bubble tea shops in NYC; They also serve original drinks and stand as a home for their customers based on the comfort and warmth that they promote

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / Boba fanatic? In the bubble tea world, small things make a difference for quality and flavor of a good bubble tea.

Luckily, I’Milky covers all the bases with their unique approach to the craft of bubble tea. Every experience with them is about you. From a warm greeting when you first walk in to recommendations while ordering, I’Milky has got customer service down to a science.

In the chilly New York City atmosphere, it can be a true miracle to find a shop that makes you feel warm on both the outside and inside. Upon entering I’Milky with a pink nose and frozen hands, the employees quickly ask if you would like a hand warmer. Fogged up glasses? I’Milky has got you covered! Anything that they can provide to make you feel cozy and at-home, they do it.

Kindness and knowledge encompass you throughout your ordering process. The gentle reminders to shake your bubble tea 15 times for ultimate flavor, paired with genuine happiness to be a part of the I’Milky family is something that makes the experience enjoyable.

You can sense how much the boba tea-ristas love what they do by the environment and the taste of the tea. Minnie, I’Milky owner, comments on this feeling:

“Walking into I’Milky is not just about a cup of bubble tea, it’s about the experience, the smile, the quality and the consistency. One sip and you can taste the difference!”

I’Milky’s brightly colored interior and the tea-ristas’ cheerful dispositions create the bubble tea experience.

At I’Milky, bubble tea is not just a beverage but it is an art. The shop is not just a family. It’s a faMILKY. Step out of the cold and into the warm, open arms of I’Milky. Experience the warmth that a cup of delicious bubble tea and a smile from skilled tea-ristas can provide. For more information, please visit

About I’Milky
I’Milky’s philosophy is to keep flavors natural and authentic. It is in this simplicity that they find joy. Discard all traditional artificial, chemically added ingredients. I’Milky carefully selects 100% natural and healthy raw materials. They also hand pick tea leaves for their bubble teas. I’Milky insists on supporting farmers by ordering fresh milk, daily.

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