Meet Matt Forexgang And Learn How He Is Able To Live On His Own Terms, Anywhere In The World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / Mathieu, better known as Matt Forexgang, is a trader, trainer, and private jet rental company owner who has built a community of people who share his ambition to live a luxury lifestyle outside of salary constraints while maintaining its dignity.

“I am the first suburban Guadeloupean trader trainer with a touch of hip hop,” Matt says.

Matt’s motivations were simple: to be financially free, to no longer depend on a third party to earn his money, to tell him when he has the right to go on vacation, or who needs to be informed when he is sick.

“I needed to fulfill myself in order to protect my family and manage my life as I want,” Matt says.

Matt holds pride in the fact that, despite being a young black man from a popular Paris suburb, he is one of the few people in his community to not be involved in obscure businesses or illegal activity. To this day, one of his primary motivators is to give not only the person with their finances in the red, but people from his own neighborhood. One of Matt’s real strengths is the understanding he has of his client base. This sort of understanding cannot be faked or manufactured, in fact, it can only come from having the same kind of upbringing and experiences, which explains why Matt is able to help people from his neighborhood so well.

“When you have a retired lady telling you that she has worked all her life for a pension that barely pays her rent, it’s sad and absurd. I knew I had to help, so I made a training course with simple terms so that they were understood by everyone. I put a hip hop soundtrack in the background for a personal touch, and I put a lower rate than anything else sold at the time because the goal was not to make money, and finally, I launched it,” Matt says.

The jump to create his own business, in retrospect, is something that Matt always had inside him, but he can recall how pursuing this path was difficult in the environment he grew up in.

“During my studies, I was never pushed to create my own business, I was never advised that it was possible. Instead. I was taught and conditioned to be a good employee and to work for someone else. I was taught to be employable, to be a good performer and to not make too much noise in order to keep my job. But I knew that it was not in my temperament, as I quickly realized I needed to work for myself,” Matt recalls.

With this realization, Matt began to understand that his knowledge, his expertise, his skills, and his brain power were incredibly valuable to him. With an increased self worth and confidence, Matt was able to strike out on his own and support himself through his own business.

” I decided that the one and only person who could profit and make money on my skills was me. Once I understood and integrated this idea, nothing could stop me because my mindset had changed. I was no longer an employee in my head but a boss, an entrepreneur and I had to do whatever it took to make it work because if I didn’t I would have to go back to this world I no longer conceived,” Matt says.

With this fresh outlook on life, Matt was able to take control of his finances. Now, he’s able to work no matter where he is in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection.

“For me, financial freedom means that I am the own boss of my happiness. And I thank God for this every day,” Matt says.

To see more of Matt’s lifestyle and his future successes, check out his Instagram. To learn more about his businesses, visit Matt’s website.

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