Meet the Real Slumdog Millionaire, Fam Mirza

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2021 / Who Wants To Be a Millionaire!? Imagine the game has just begun and already you had to get rid of two answers. That’s how life began for newly-born Fam Mirza as his parents gave him away to his Aunt living in the slums of India. There he would live with 14 other people. Inside those sediment eroded walls was love, but right outside their front door was a harsh neighborhood with no opportunities in sight. After a first-round like that, I doubt the audience would predict a child from Old City Hyderabab, India would go on to win at anything let alone the achievements of Fam Mirza.

As a child Fam had little clothing to wear, a hole for a bathroom, a chambu (a pail) used to “shower”, and concrete sheets aka the floor as a bed. “Shower day was when the water truck came, cause then you can ration the rest of your week’s water.” Do I need to tell you the color of the water he used? It was brown. This is why Fam started water projects in India.

My how things have changed. “I feel so blessed to be living a life that’s paying it forward. The money follows the work which has positively impacted the lives of millions. The fancy hotels, designer clothes, and custom jewelry are sponsors. I get to travel on someone else’s budget because of the speeches I give. Although all that sounds great, this is not about the money! This is about making an impact on the world!” It got to the point where people would see him and start crying because of how he impacted their lives, there are videos online. How did he feel about that? “At first I felt a bit strange, to be honest. That moment truly made me realize the impact of words and thought processes can have upon the world.”

Back to the game. At the age of nine, Fam’s parents returned to take him to Qatar, where he was originally born, but then relocated to London, and finally Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.A.. No matter how rough life is, leaving his “mother”/Aunt behind was not easy to do or understand for a child, but for this child nothing is as impossible. In the years leading to the arrival in America Fam would learn to idolize his would be Four Star General “Superman” of a father.

“I’ll never forget when we landed at O’Hare (Chicago’s airport), Terminal 5C; my father looked me in my eyes and told me this is the country you can be anything you want to be with hard work and knowledge.” His father would have Fam type five quotes a day from successful men on a Packard Bell computer. “My dad bought me this computer instead of paying rent because in order to get ahead you need to invest in yourself he always said.” These daily quotes would be printed out and hung on the refrigerator to inspire both he and his father.

As mentioned before Fam’s father became a Four Star General, and tragically would die from cancer due to the radiation he absorbed after an accidental exposure at work. Eight months previous, his mother passed from kidney failure. “Superman was dead. I was lost.” He did not have much family in the USA, and the ones he did have did not come to his aide. So he did what he does best and created things. “I feel like I drown myself in building companies to not only survive in this world but to escape the pain of my parents passing.”

Another quote Fam had put to memory, jolted him back on his feet. “Energy is neither created or destroyed, it’s always transferred.” Having already started his first business at 14 years of age, Fam got back to the grind, and since you are currently reading a story about Fam in Forbes…he did ok. Fam was a millionaire before he was twenty-one. In the first years of his premier business Split Jerseys, Fam sold apparel out of the trunk of a Ford Tempo. Then through local DJ connections, the rapper Nelly saw one and had to have it for the halftime show. He performed wearing one of Fam’s pieces at the 2001 Super Bowl halftime show and the rest is history.

Split Jerseys was just the beginning. With its success, Fam created a multitude of different brands spanning from: consumer retail, apparel, technology, biotechnology, and music. Keep in mind all of the companies are driven from a desire to impact people positively! “If there is one thing I want people to understand about business; it’s that success comes from the heart. A great brand coming from a place of love is infallible.”

In his early twenties he created 1:Face, a brand that centered their business model around philanthropy by selling watches. As for charity brand revenues, 1:Face was second only to Tom’s Shoes. However, Mirza took it one step further, he says, “We had to provide transparency. We had to know where every cent was going. That was the reason we created the metric model.” The metric model he created were the facts behind every watch color and corresponding cause. Each white watch provided 16 meals in the Horn of Africa; whereas the red watch provided four AIDS treatments in Kenya. Before Mirza sold out of the company, the brand had impacted over 4.2 million lives in underdeveloped communities in Ileret, Kenya; Bihar, India, and Haiti.

The amount of lives changed by 1:Face is a testament to the love put into this brand. When asked why he felt that strong urge to create this impactful brand he stated, “Do you know the feeling of going to bed hungry at night and your stomach keeps making noises and wakes you up from your sleep? Or better yet, do you know the hardship of having to walk for miles to access water? These are the basic essentials of life that over billions of people do not have access to! Our job is to change that, and that’s precisely what we set out to do.”

During these times of increased vigilance for sanitation and health Mirza is now working on a new conglomerate, The Pure Company. The launch product being Pure Gem, a charm that is placed inside of a purse and emits a sanitizing, ultraviolet light that effectively sanitizes the contents inside turning the purse into a sanitization chamber. Along with the Pure Gem, the Pure Company also offers other products Pure Air, Pure Pods, Pure Pillow, Pure Drain, and the Pure Wipes, Pure Pods. “In order to create these products we conduct months if not years of market research studying the pain point of consumers and how to solve it in an optimal manner.” The Pure Gem, by the Pure Company, plans for a full rollout in Q1 of 2021 with products planned to be sold in relaters ranging from Walgreens to Nordstrom.

“Do you want to save your grandmothers life? Because that is what the pure gem could do! I have had covid and I would argue had I been 40 years older, I don’t think I would have survived it. That’s the point of these products, to protect those in need. Just like 1Face was to provide those with no opportunity. We strive to make impactful brands, impactful creations that benefit humanity.

Mirza credits his success to his work ethic, stating, “Hard work…I work over 20 hours a day.
Ask any of my friends I am ALWAYS creating something.” That type of hard work and work ethic will always win. Fam started a Worldwide fashion trend, worked with global recording artists Diddy, Drake, J.Cole, and others on the creative direction and brand identity side, created a viral costume, and created the second largest charity brand in the world second to Tom’s. Then he sold out of the companies, went into retirement, and came back to change the cleaning space because of covid. Why? Fam explains “I felt now was the right time to come back because the growth of superbugs such as covid will not stop. I believe this is only the first one. The next one in a few years will be much more lethal. Right now, is a time that the world needs innovation and protection and I felt I could make a large impact in that space.” We have been waiting for his return.

Fam Mirza is known as a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and marketer and at one point in his life he had absolutely no access to clean water, and now he’s launching products that could save the lives of billions.

Fam has created his own 37 person team, under the name Mirza Minds; a multi-disciplinary firm composed of designers, engineers, developers, and creatives who collaborate to create consumer brands which disrupt markets. At 31 years of age Fam Mirza and his team know how to design, market, brand, and sell us products that could truly benefit our lives. We are grateful.

To end the game we ask Fam “what is your final answer?” He scoffs. “Final answer to what? Final answer to why I do what I do?” He pauses for a second and says “Until everyone is fed, has access to clean drinking water, and is safe from diseases there is no final answer. There is only creation.” We should all work as hard as this slumdog millionaire to use our time and skill sets to make an impact on the world.


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