Messenger TeleGuard: The world’s most secure messenger competes against WhatsApp

Switzerland. Swisscows, Swiss technology company for intelligent software products and services in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, relies on highly encrypted and anonymous communication with its new free messenger TeleGuard.

The full-featured service works with the highly secure end-to-end encryption SALSA20 and is subject to strict Swiss data protection laws. The provider encrypts every message and all telephone calls end-to-end. Nobody except the recipient can read the regular chat messages, not even Swisscows as the service provider.

The service runs exclusively on Swisscows’ s own server hardware, which is firmly secured in the Swiss Alps. The company operates all servers itself and does not use any cloud or hosting services from other providers.

TeleGuard’s operating principle – protection of privacy is essential
TeleGuard can be used to protect privacy without specifying personal data; information on personal data such as telephone number or email address is not necessary.

The participant is identified exclusively via a 9-digit ID or a QR code. The TeleGuard ID is a personal identification number that the user needs in order to connect with friends as well as an anonymous telephone number substitute. A friend is actively added through a request that needs to be confirmed. TeleGuard never accesses the user’s phone book; groups are only managed on the end devices involved.

Transmitted messages are deleted from the Swisscows servers after they are received on the recipient’s device. Since neither personal data nor private messages are stored, they cannot fall into the wrong hands in the event of an attempted hacker attack.

“With TeleGuard users communicate in a completely highly encrypted and private way without having to worry that their data and content will be used for other purposes”, says Andreas Wiebe, CEO of Swisscows.

Supported operating systems: Android devices with version OS 4.0.3+ and iPhone devices with at least iOS 9.0+
Price: free of charge
Availability: App Store and Google Play Store

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