Michael Lane is the Australian Entrepreneur Who Wants to Empower a Billion People Through Quality Education

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2021 / Some people are born knowing what they want to do in life. They have a talent, passion, and desire to go after one particular career. This was the case for Michael Lane. From a very young age, he wanted to be an entrepreneur more than anything. He had all the “symptoms” as he calls them.

“I knew by the age of 8 that I was going to be an entrepreneur, sure I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was at the time but now looking back, I showed all the symptoms. What are the symptoms you say? I was fascinated with fast European cars, wanting to make 1 million dollars by the age of 19 and all the other fantasies that come with entrepreneurship. By the time school finished, I was ready to make my million bucks. Well, come 19, I started my first business,” Michael recounts.

Unfortunately for Michael, his first business venture did not turn out the way he expected it to. Though he had the drive to become a successful entrepreneur, he did not necessarily have the skills, which led to a lot of struggles for him in the early stages of his career.

“It is fair to say I was not a natural. That business didn’t end going well. But it didn’t stop my enthusiasm, and I repeated that same outcome two more times before going and working in the personal development industry as a commission-only salesperson selling speaker courses,” Michael explains.

Even when he thought he had found his stride, life and bad luck seemed to get in the way of his success.

“It hit me late one night with another work colleague; if we could bring a speaker to Australia, we too could make a lot of money. So we found an amazing speaker from America and invited him to speak in Australia. That is the start of my fourth business. Well, that business went on to make $1 million in the first 90 days of being operational. After a powerhouse 90 days, I thought WOW look at me. I cracked the code…this is what success feels. And now I must keep making money. This business concept is straightforward. I remember thinking, I must deserve success because I have tried many things that have failed, and now I’ve made it. Boy oh boy, was I wrong! By the end of that year in 2004, my only revenue stream (that one speaker) had a heart attack. And guess what? The business and all the money I made was now gone. The penthouse I was renting, gone, the car, gone. The ego, gone!” Michael exclaims.

Despite all of these hardships, Michael never lost hope. He kept getting back up every time he was pushed down. When things failed, he went back to the drawing board to learn more and to work on his mindset for his next venture. This is what led him to success and now, he is involved in multiple different businesses while being completely on top of his game.

“I am involved in several companies in the areas of educational seminars, financial services, property development and digital media. I’m most proud of Success Resources – the World’s Largest Personal Development Event Company. Our longest standing partnership is with Tony Robbins. This joint venture has been over 20 years, with millions of people impacted and over $800 million in revenue,” Michael says.

As you can imagine, this is hardly enough to satisfy a person like Michael, so he is on his way to creating multiple new projects in the new year. His main focus is education and helping a billion people through education.

“2021 is Year 2 of my decade-long-goal of impacting a billion people via quality education. I am looking at different opportunities to partner with people who can access the talent, technology, or audiences to deliver on this mission and purpose. With Success Resources, we have traditionally served the adult population. But now, we’re looking at making a significant impact on a younger audience or on audiences that typically do not know or have access to personal development education,” Michael states.

Michael has always stuck to a bigger cause than himself and is always there to help others. Nothing ever gets him down when it comes to achieving his goals.

Michael Lane is the director of Success Resources, the world’s largest personal development event company. Find out more about Michael, you can follow him on Instagram here, LinkedIn here and check out the Success Resources website here.

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