Multi-Talented Entrepreneur Launches World’s First Occlusion Training Wear

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2021 / Mehdi Ettehadulhagh is truly a man who wears many hats-from that of a medical doctor to an actor. In addition, he is a podcast host and a serial entrepreneur who co-founded a leading SmartWear company from Norway called VOTWEAR.

Mehdi Ettehadulhagh was born in Douala, Cameroon, and is one of six sons. His father is of Persian and Russian descent, and his mother is from Cameroon. During his early childhood, Mehdi traveled extensively with his family and finally settled in Norway at nine years old.

Mehdi’s interest in SmartWear began during his high school years of competing in track and field, receiving a place on the Norwegian national team, and achieving tremendous success as a sprinter. However, in 2012, Mehdi suffered a sartorial injury and decided to pursue a career in general medicine, graduating at the top of his class in 2018 and conducting his medical thesis within sports medicine.

Now, Mehdi Ettehadulhagh is a co-founder of the award-winning brand VOTWEAR, which specializes in the innovation of sustainable smart training apparel that directly has an impact on the user’s physiology. Their first product, the world’s first Occlusion Training Wear, has revolutionized workouts and been regarded as the invention of 2019 by UMPAC. The product helps accumulate lactic acid and venous metabolic waste in working muscles, amplifying the results of a workout tremendously.

“I found myself in a key position-having labs at my disposition and being an ex-pro athlete myself, I spent the following years researching and studying (occlusion training) firsthand. And my conclusion is the same as that of hundreds, if not the thousands, of researchers who exist out there.” Mehdi said. “I know venous occlusion training has a huge benefit to people who want to push beyond their limit at the end of their heavy weight workout, or to people who cannot lift heavy weights at all, such as rehab patients and senior citizens.

“But there was no safe, consistent and user-friendly method for the layman to include occlusion training into his workouts,” he continued. “And thus, the world’s first Occlusion Training Wear was born as a cornerstone to VOTWEAR.”

Mehdi runs his business with two of his brothers, Nayyer and Sina. Nayyer has a master’s in business and administration, and Sina, pursuing a medical degree as well, focuses on demographic psychology for marketing and brand growth. Mehdi is in charge of the medical aspects of the products, which includes product design and innovation.

Mehdi said social media and their podcast have been key to the company’s growth.

“The internet is a massive place. And to be seen or heard is no longer half the game’ but it IS the game,” he said. “More than ever, social media and now podcasts are playing a more vital role in developing brands and creating close-knit communities.

“That’s why we early on created our very own podcast channel for VOTWEAR called VOTCAST. Here, we focus on creating content, both video, and audio, for athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists who are in search of a community. In doing this, we expose our brand ideology and identity, which is a key driver to our growth.”

In the next decade, Mehdi plans to focus on making SmartWear clothing an item in everyone’s home.

“Long gone will be the days where your shirt or socks do not have some sort of tech or ‘super power,'” he said.

Mehdi is passionate about giving back to his community, donating 20 percent of all his profits to the Seattle Foundation fund for battling COVID-19.

“The more you serve, the more you fertilize your foundation and stay true to your roots,” Mehdi said. “The world needs to feel united and safe, now more than ever. In today’s world, it becomes every brand’s responsibility to lead in these avenues.”

To learn more, visit or follow Mehdi on Instagram at @mehdiettehadulhagh or @votwear.


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